Din overskrift

               Salt of the Earth


(Matthew 5,13)

Jesus speaks about those who believe in Him, and He says that we are the salt of the earth. Salt is a very strong spice, and it has a very strong affection when we use it. But if Jesus compares His church with the power of salt, then I will ask where has the power gone?


Where is the salt in the church of today? Because the church does not look like a powerful army, but rather as a defeated little group of people many places. So where is the original power that the first church had - the church that we read about in the book of acts? I`m searching for christianity in the original kind, such like Jesus introduced to us - full of miracles, signs and wonders!!

(John 14,12)

(Hebrews 2,3-4)


Have we turned away from the main track - and with that, lost our power?

(Revelation 2,26)

Are we still a victorious church, or are we trampled under foot by men?


We are living in a world that is full of rebellion and norm-dissolutions. We have a lot of problems with drugs, alcohol, abortion, divorces, homosexuality, violence, hate and war. And even priests and preachers accept homosexuality in their own congregations!! Yes, there are many preachers that bless homosexuality, believe it or not!


And the question is: Can we as Gods own people just sit down and relax while we watch all this things going on around us? Can we really let the devil break down the whole world around us without doing anything about it?






(Mark 9, 49-50)

The salt is Gods own word inside us. It is like a consuming fire! If we really "eat" Gods word and live like it tells us to, it will after a while burn away everything in us that is not according to Gods word. We must therefore let the word get into our heart and salt our lives!

(Hebrews 4,12)


You have to read a lot in the bible, to get the word of God inside yourself. It is also very important that you are a part of an assembly where Gods word is preached. God has given to the church the GIFTS OF THE MINISTRY, which is the gift of the apostle, the gift of the prophet, the gift of the evangelist, the gift of the pastor and the gift of the bible-teacher.

(Ephesians 4,11)


These gifts are persons that God has chosen and filled with a special power and anointing to preach and teach his word to us. And they are very important for the growth of your christian life. Paul says that they are placed in the church "for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ". They are placed in the church to minister to your life, and it is therefore very important that you are there and that you let them be this blessing to your life!


In the good old days, before the freezer, you had to salt the food for longer keeping and storage. But we also use salt on fish and meat today, to prevent putrefaction.


And this is what Jesus means when He says that we are the salt of the earth! We are placed in the world by God himself, to prevent that the world decays by its sin, immorality, lust, violence, crime, sorrow, powerty, sickness, deceases, war and hate. All this things are from the devil, but you and I are here to bring Gods word, salvation and divine life to people.

(John 10.10)

(John 15,16)


We are sent out by Jesus, the same way that He was sent by His Father - God.

(John 20,21)


We are called to preach to gospel to the people, and by that raise the spiritual standard in the nation! Because only God and His people can really change a nation on the inside!! And to be able to manage this, we have to be a salt and radical church, that never compromise on the word of God.





By the end of the winter, we use to have salt on the streets and roads in Norway. We do that to melt the ice faster.


It is exactly the same way with Gods Word. When we speak the Word in the spirit of love, it will melt down hearts and convince them about Jesus!

(Colossians 4,6)

The word of God is a spiritual weapon, and we must use it in the battle to win the hearts for Jesus. The word breaks down every wall and stronghold.

(2. Corinthians 10,3-5)


Gods word melts down doubt, unbelief, bitterness, hate, proudness, envy and struggling. It has the power to melt every hard and unforgivable heart! Therefore you have to live in the Word, so that you can use it to set people free! Because it is only the Word that can make you strong and give you "spiritual muscles"...





Salt is often used to cleanse wounds. It keeps away bacteria from the wound. Salt has a very strong cleansing effect. It corrodes through.


In the same way, Gods word has the power to deliver people from the power of sin and to cleanse their life. The Word  forces people to repent and surrender to Jesus. The word repention means: to turn around a start walking the opposite direction. It also means to change course.

(Luke 15,17-24)





If you eat something that is very salt, you get thirsty and you`ll have to drink a lot.  The salt will make you feel thirsty. If you drink and then eat something salt, you will have to drink more.


It is the same way with Gods Word. It brings a thirst and longing for God and His great love.

(Acts 2, 36-41)

The Bible invites us to "taste and see that the lord is good"...

(Psalm 34,9)


The Word also creates a thirst for the "living water" - which is the Holy Spirit.

(John 4,10-14)

You know, this salt is so strong that you have to get thirsty of it. And when you drink, it tastes so good that you must drink more and more...


Let us therefore have a lot of salt in our lives, so that people will get thirsty for Jesus when they hear us preach and see the deeds that God does through us...