Keep your heart

(Proverbs 4,23)

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”


Have you ever been thinking about how careful people are with keeping their homes and belongings? We wash and fix our houses, and we paint the walls and repair things that get broken in it. We wash and fix our clothes, and we are very careful with our nicest clothes, because we want them to last for a long time. We also wash and fix our cars and keep them in the best condition we are able to – because we want to keep them for a long time.


You see, all things that is valuable to us, we spend a lot of time and energy on – to keep it whole, nice and strong. We even invest a lot of money in this, because our belongings are very important to us.


But then it is one question that is very important to ask oneself:

-          “What is the absolute most precious belonging that we own?”

-          “What is the absolute most important thing we got in life?”

-          “What is it that we have to keep more than any other thing?”


“Oh I know what that is” , maybe you say. “It is my house!”

Well, if God has blessed you with a nice house, then He surely wants you to take good care of it. But there is something that is much more important.

“Oh I know what it is. It is my new car!” Maybe you say.

Yes, if God has given you a good car, He surely wants you to take good care of it. But still there is something that is much more important.

“Oh now I know what it is. It is my wife and my children!” Maybe you say.

Allright, you are getting closer now. But still there is one thing in life that is much more important. You see, all what we’ve got we should take good care of. But there is one thing that must come before anything else. IT IS YOUR HEART!






You have nothing in life that is more important than your own heart!
I am not speaking about your physical organ now. I am not speaking about your physical heart, the blood-pump. I am speaking about your heart as YOUR INNER MAN! It is the center of your personality, it is the source of life inside of you. It is the motive power in you.

(2. Corinthians 4,16)


Your heart is the key to everything, because your life springs out of it. What your heart is filled of, will also come out of your mouth!

-          If your heart is full of bad attitude, then bad attitude will come out of your life!

-          If your heart is full of bitterness, then bitterness will come out of your life!

-          If your life is full of slander and backbiting, these things will come out of your life!

-          If your life is full of pride, then pride will come out of your life!

-          If your heart is full of sin, then sin will come out of your life!

-          But if your heart is full of blessings, these blessings will come out of your life!

Your heart decides how your life is. And your heart is also going to decide how your future will be!


What you allow entering your heart, is going to decide what direction your life will go. You see, our hearts is either a birthplace for God – or a birthplace for the devil! This is why the Bible is telling us to keep our hearts before anything else in life that we keep!

(Proverbs 23,7)





The Bible doesn’t tell you to ask God to protect your heart. I am not saying that it is wrong asking God to protect your heart. But the Bible says that you shall protect and keep your own heart! I am the one who are responsible for my own life. I have the responsibility for my heart! We are all responsible for our own lives.


I am responsible for what I let go through my senses. I am responsible for the things that I am watching and the things that I am listening to. I have to train my Inner Man to drink from the right sources.


I don’t say that it is wrong having a TV! I don’t say that it is wrong listening to music either. But according to the Bible we should be careful what kind of programs we watch on TV. A lot of TV programs are pure poison to your heart! We should also be careful what kind of music we are listening to. Music is about atmosphere, and you should notice what kind of atmosphere it represents. Such things are not as neutral as we may often think it is! Does the music represent a life in sin, lust and ungodliness? Or does the music represent something positive?


Let me give you another example: If you are visiting somebody’s house and they start to speak about a brother or a sister. Maybe the conversation is like this: “Oh do you know what Andrew did last week?... Oh I know he has big problems with his wife… Oh I though you have heard it, but if not I can tell you that…” bla bla blabla bla…


Another example can be like this: “What a wonderful preacher John is. I really like him…Well, actually I don’t like that he speak so loud all the time… He should have been preaching more about this… Maybe he should not be a preacher, because I heard that he had some problems in his relationship with…” bla blabla bla bla …





In a church there are a lot of different people. Naturally it will be very different how good relationship you will get with different brothers and sisters. There will be some that you fit together with. But there will also be some that you feel you don’t have a good connection with at all.


But we have to grow out from the natural way of thinking. The Bible shows us that we are not supposed to only know each other after the flesh. We must learn to know each other after the spirit!

(2. Corinthians 5,16)


You see, the Church is not some kind of a club or an organization. We are a temple for God in The Spirit. We are bounded together in the Spirit! You are one Spirit with the Lord, and so am I.

(1.    Corinthians 6,17)

This is what binds us together. This is the foundation for our spiritual fellowship; Jesus in you and Jesus in me!





With a certain purpose, Jesus organized the Church as a living body – with many different members. These members are mutually interdependent. The body is depending on every member receiving the same blood and the same food. In fact, this means that I need to get in touch with the gifts and talents that are laid down in you heart. And you need to get in touch with my spiritual equipments.


Maybe you would say: “I know the Lord myself! I speak with Him every day in my prayers. I don’t need anybody else.” Well, it is good that you have your connection with Jesus in order. Every Christian needs that. And no preaching or meeting can replace your personal contact with God. But still the truth is that we need each other. In fact, we can’t work without each other!

(1.    Corinthians 12, 12-27)


Every Christian brother and sister are different from each other. God has given us many different callings, revelations, equipment, gifts and talents. He didn’t give us all these blessings that we should fight against each other or look on each other with suspicion in our eyes. We were not supposed to feel threaten by each other. No! We were supposed to complete each other and learn from each other.


When we come together in the Spirit, as true brothers and sisters, we can connect to each other in the Spirit. My heart can touch your heart, and your heart can touch my heart! In this spiritual moment, we will both be “fecundated” by the spiritual material (gifts, wisdom, revelations and talents) from each other! We will be able to bless each other in a very strong way, because we are touching each others heart and spirit. This is a strong secret about the life in the Church: To live in an atmosphere of spiritual fecundation!


In such an atmosphere we will not see each other after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Then we will start to admire and respect God in each others life. We will get excited when we get a touch of God from each other’s lives. This is what I mean when I speak about “Spiritual fecundation”.





(Matthew 5,8)

“Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God!”

When we look at each other in the flesh, we loose the respect for the spiritual man inside of each other. The respect and love will suddenly be replaced with contempt!

Therefore it is very important that we keep our hearts clean and pure in the way we associate with each other. The relationship in our churches must be clean and filled with respect and love. The supernatural life only flows through clean and pure hearts!


When sin comes in, it is like poison in our hearts. This poison will stop us from being fecundated by God and by each other in the Spirit. We read that the pure in heart shall see God. To be pure in heart doesn’t mean that you are perfect. It means to be honest and to walk in the truth. It means that you are faithful, have good motives in your life and that people can trust you. It means to separate between good and evil, and never mix them up in your life! It means to stand up saying NO to all evilness!


The one who is pure in heart will say no to listen to evil speaking, rumors and lies. He will start to judge his own attitudes by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. All what is sin, lie, falseness and rumors will be judged in your heart. This will lead us into a strong atmosphere of freedom in the Holy Spirit that we never experienced before! An atmosphere that can only be created from pure hearts…