The wise win souls

(Proverbs 11,30)

The life of a Christian is in the Bible described as a tree. And there are several scriptures telling us that it might be a good tree or a bad three. The difference is based on the way we live as Christians. Therefore I want to start with some questions here today:

-          Do you want your life to become a tree of life – and not a tree of death?

-          Do you want your life to become a channel for Gods love and life to a dark and dying world?

-          Do you want to grow in wisdom?






The greatest and must important purpose with your life here on earth, is that people shall get saved. This should be your highest priority and goal in life! Above any wish that you have as a Christian, this should be the highest.


Imagine that we had hired a bus, traveled around visiting all churches in this country. And then we had asked every Christian person this single question: “What is your highest goal in life?” I think we should get a lot of different answers and discover many different priorities. And that is not something special for this country, because I think we would get the same result no matter which country we tried this project in.


But it would really please my heart, and even more please Gods heart, if everyone had answered that their highest wish and priority was to win souls for heaven.


You know, people talk about someone and say: “Look, this man is really wise” or “she has got a lot of wisdom”. But what is the sign of wisdom?

I think that the sign of wisdom is not wise words or peace of mind in a difficult and stressed situation. No, the sign of a wise person is that he or she is winning souls for God!


This is what Paul means when he speaks about fulfilling the race as a Christian.

(2. Timothy 4,7-8)

He is speaking about winning souls for God – to make the Gentiles obedient to the Faith.

(Romans 15, 18-21)

Corinthians 9,19-24)




2.                  THE GREAT COMMISSION

(Matthew 28,18-20)

Sometimes I meet Christians who say that The Great Commission is a special commission only for some Christians with a special calling for mission and evangelization. They say that “other Christians have other callings and other job in The Kingdom of God”.  For example they say: “Oh, we can’t everybody do the same things, because God gave us different gifts and callings. And you know that not everybody have the boldness to go out in the streets talking to unbelievers. No, this is for young people or those who have a special calling upon their life.”


But we know that Jesus meant everything that He said, and if not – He would have said to us what He really meant. But because Jesus really meant what He said, He told us what He meant also!


Have you ever been thinking about that The Great Commission was the last words Jesus gave His disciples while He was still here on Earth?

(Acts 1,8-9)

I have been visiting old people who have been laying in their bed waiting to die. Sometimes these people had some special words that they wanted to say to their family and relatives. They could have a special commission or a statement that they wanted to be executed. However, the last words one person say to another person before he or she dies are always very important!! In such a moment there are no time for jokes or words that are not important! Can you see the connection here? The Great Commission was the last words Jesus gave His disciples before He went to heaven. This means that these words were the most important words that Jesus had to His disciples! This message was so important that He had to make sure that they really got it! THIS WAS THE LAST COMMANDMENT THAT JESUS GAVE! Don’t you think that Jesus still want us to keep this commandment, which was the last one He gave to us?




3.                  BE A WITNESS IN YOUR DAILY LIFE!


Jesus told us to go out in the whole world and make disciples of all men.

But we know that it is impossible to reach every tribe and nation if only some evangelists and missionaries go out. This means that: EVERY SINGLE BELIEVER HAS TO BE A WITHESS IN THE DAILY LIFE! You can be a witness in your family, among your friends, on your school, on your job etc.


  • Have you ever asked yourself why God gave you family, relatives and friends that you have a special relation to?
  • Have you ever wondered why you sometimes meet people in very special occasions?
  • Have you been thinking about why God let you get in contact with casual people just by accident:

-          on a train, on a buss, on an airplane, on a doctor’s waiting room, in a daily store etc.


There are 4 levels of responsibility mentioned in Acts 1,8:


1.      In Jerusalem

This is your family, closest friends and people at your work.

2.      In Judea

These are your friends that you don’t meet every day, but at least every week.

3.      In Samaria

These are your relatives and other people that you use to meet, but not so often.

4.      Till the end of the World

These are people that you meet just accidentally in life.


You must understand that God doesn’t have any other mouth than yours in these situations! And you should know that God hold you responsible for the attitude that you show to people that He have placed around you in your daily life! They are all eternal beings, who God want to save for an everlasting life in heaven!


It is a tragedy to see that many Christians have made The Great Commission of Jesus into a suggestion or recommendation, just like: “Maybe we can try to go out and speak with some people on Saturday?”“Well, I don’t know if I will get enough time for it. You see, I must have rest with my family in the week-end. And I think that the weather will be to bad to evangelizate…”.




4.                  GOD GAVE YOU POWER TO WIN SOULS

(Acts 1, 4-5 and 8)

Jesus promised to give us POWER to be a witness. This power is The Holy Spirit inside us. Jesus in other words: “Receive the power and get the job done!” Many Christians think that they are not bold and strong enough to go out and talk to people about Jesus. But the big point is that you don’t have to be strong in your own power. All you have to do is to receive His power, and let Him lead you the way!