Jesus is calling YOU!

(John 3,16-17)

The story about Jesus is also the story about you and me. Jesus is the salvation from God, given to every person on earth – including you! Our whole life and eternity is depending on our mentality and response to Jesus Christ and His calling.


“…whoever believes in Him…”  Itmeans you and me – everybody. This is speaking about your belief and my belief. It is speaking about our response, our attitude.


I think The Holy Spirit is going to speak to every person who hears me speak now! First of all He will speak to you who don’t have your case (it means your life) in order with God. To you who are not a Christian, and to you who are a backslider – who once knew God, but chose to leave Him for the pleasures in the world. I want you to listen carefully to my message, because I have some special news for you…





(Matthew 4,18-22)

When I read the gospels, it often hits me how people meet the calling from God. And the Bible is the highest authority to show us how God is calling people and offers them the gift of salvation. These are the questions I like to ask about the calling of Jesus’ disciples:

·         How were people called in the gospels of Jesus?

·         How did they react?

·         What was their response to the calling?

·         How long time did they get to make their decision?

·         How many times did they get the calling?


I have a feeling that many people think that the calling from God is something that is going on for the whole life. They think that this calling is something they can respond to whenever they want. They think they can wait until it goes together with their own plans. Preferably they would like to wait as long as possible. They say they can wait receiving Jesus till they get old.


This is the same as saying: After I have lived my life in sin and ungodliness, just living for my own egoistic lusts and pleasures, worshipping money, carrier and my own ideas – then God can have the piece of wreckage from my life when I am old and dying!


But when the Bible describes the calling from God, it doesn’t happen this way at all. So people who got an opinion like this, did not get it from the Bible or from God. No, they only got it from the devil, who only wants to steal, kill and destroy our lives.

(John 10,10) – just read it, don’t have to look it up…


The Bible describes the calling from God as something that suddenly came to a person. It was unexpected and it didn’t last too long! We understand this when we read about the life and ministry of Jesus, and His way of treating people. Therefore we have to understand that Jesus is still treating people the same way, because “Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever”!


I don’t think that God will be more patient and spend more time on us than He did on people at that time when Jesus walked on earth. Today there are multitudes of people who receive Jesus around the world, only by hearing the gospel preached for their first time! But we are walking around with the Word of God on every corner, and we often wait many years before we respond to the calling! But let me tell you: It is only grace that allows you waiting that long and still get the chance! You never know what tomorrow will bring into your life and into your situation!


But we try to delay the decision by saying: “Not yet, please not yet”. We don’t want to choose because it comes so inconvenient. Well, the calling from God always comes inconvenient! It is always unwelcome to our flesh, our plans and our ego! But when the calling appears and we get confronted with Jesus, THEN WE HAVE TO CHOOSE!






Some people say that they can’t believe in Jesus. They say that they have some “intellectual problems” with their faith, so they just can’t believe. It means that they think they are too smart and intelligent to believe in Jesus. They say that faith and “common sense” doesn’t fit together.


But this is maybe the biggest lie in the world today! Because it is not intellectual problems that keep people away from God – no way! Let me tell you: It is moral problems that keep people away from God. It means: People don’t want to give up their sin and their own ego! But they don’t want to admit this, they never speak about it. Therefore they blame it all on the reason that they are too smart and intellectual to believe.


Do you know what you miss if you let your intelligence, or should I rather say; if you let your sins and the egoistic pleasures in the world come before God and His Son Jesus?


When I read about Jesus and the disciples, I see that the people who met Jesus didn’t have long time to make up their mind. They didn’t get long time to make their eternal choice. It all happened in a moment, often a few hours or even only a few minutes! When the calling from God comes, it is your eternal moment in life! It is the moment of choice!


Jesus said to His disciples: “Follow Me!”.  Then people were standing there and had to make their own choices! Some people were shaking in excitement and they choose to follow Him. But others heard the calling without responding at all.


Now look at these men in Matthew 4. What a responding! In verse 20 we read: “ They immediately left their nets and followed Him.” And in verse 22: “…and immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him.”  I love that word immediately! It describes what I call a true Biblical repentance! THIS IS THE RIGHT ATTITUDE! THIS IS THE RIGHT RESPONSE!


When we read the gospels of Jesus, we see that people met Jesus in many different situations. Some people met Him on the roads, some people met Him by the sea, some people met Him in the streets of the town or at the marketplace. Some people met Him while He was visiting a house and some people (like these disciples) met Him by their fishing boats. The circumstances could be very different, but the calling was always the same: “Follow Me!” During some seconds they had to respond. The master waited for an answer!


My dear friend: The same master is calling on YOU right now! He is standing in front of you, asking the same question: “Would you lay down your own life and just follow me?”

So what is your answer? You have to react! You have to make an answer to the calling!