You are precious!

(Song of Solomon 2,10-14)

Here in these verses God draws a fantastic beautiful picture for us. It is the beauty of the spring that is described. And the summer is near.  Everything is so beatiful, as it sprout.

And we know that God created the whole world in that way – beautiful!  After finishing his

Work of Creation, God said to Himself: ”Indeed it is very good”… You see, everything were created in such a harmony that we can not even imagine. So here we meet an idyllic description of the spring, where everything God has created rejoices.


God also speaks a parallell story here. Because there is also a springtime IN OUR LIFES!! The winther has gone and it is springtime! You know, the summer is near. Soon Jesus will come to fetch His bride, which is the church. Therefore we actually live in a very special time, where the summer is about to come in our lifes. But now is the time when God is calling for His church to raise and fullfill the end-time calling! This is the time when God is preparing us and equipping us for the ministry in His kingdom.


But if we study this picture close and carefully, we see that something is wrong. A dove was hiding in a cleft in the mountain. And this dove did not take part in the joy and happiness. This dove was hiding from its creator, and that made God sad.





My dear friend, this dove is YOU!! God loves you so much! In fact, you are the most precious thing He has ever made!

(Genesis 1,26-28)


God will never be satisfied until His life, His joy, His love, His mercy, His comfort and care reaches out to EVERY man and makes them safe in His father-love. GOD LOVES YOU! You are valuable and precious in Gods eyes. You are unique – because nobody else can be the one you are…

(Psalm 139,1-18)


God created you to be YOU! You are the original kind of you. Therefore you must never try to be a copy of anybody else. Trying to be like everybody else, is not the same as fullfilling Gods plan for YOU! You will never be happy or satisfied with your life, but you will remain a hidden dove – away from Gods wonderful plan. Copies will never get happy. You must therefore dare to stand up and LIVE OUT THE LIFE THAT GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO!!

-          in freedom

-          in joy

-          in love

-          in safety

-          in peace with God and yourself

-          in Gods perfect plan for your life


This is the only way to be happy, and then you will know an inner satisfaction that keeps you going on in your walking with the Lord.


David learned this already when he was a young boy. He was formed by the Lord, and nobody but the Lord! Because of this he did not feel comfortable wearing Sauls armor…

(1.    Samuel 17,37-40)

Do you think that you would get any better result of trying to wear somebody elses armor?





(Matthew 25,14-30)

Jesus wants you to take care off and exploit the resources that you have. He furnish us in our ministry ”according to our ability”.

(verse 15)

GOD has given you the talents and resources that you have. Therefore I say to you: DISCOVER WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN TO YOU, AND BEGIN TO USE IT!!

The more you surrender yourself to God by investing your time, your gifts, your talent and resources in His Kingdom – the more He will reward you!! The best investing you can ever make, is to invest in Gods blessing!


Let us look at this parable. He who received five talents and he who received two talents went out momentary, and did what their master said. It is very important to USE what God has given us. If you don`t want to use what God has entrusted you, how can you expect Him to entrust you more?


The last servant went and dug in the ground , and hid his talent. Why did he do that? Because he was AFRAID OF FAILING!! A lot of Christians today are really afraid of failing. Therefore they often back out from active service and, like this servant, hide their talents.


But you should ask yourself: ”What am I afraid of failing with?”

Isn`t God the one who gave you all your talents, gifts and resources? You must understand that when you are doing a work that God called you to, you will NEVER FAIL!! Or do you really think that God will fail in something He does?


You must begin to acknowledge that God actually has given you certain things. He has entrusted you gifts, talents, resources and spiritual equipment, so that you should use all this as a servant in the Kingdom of God.

(1.    Peter 4,10)

God has given every single believer anything special, and He want us to look at this as gifts from Him.





Too many believers are watching how God uses other believers. They are watching the preachers, the singers, the musicians, those who lead the meetings and anybody who has a visual ministry in the church. But God is not satisfied with that. He doesn`t want you to be a spiritual spectator, but an actor. HE SEEKS YOU!! You are valuable in Gods eyes. He has given you all the blessing that He has in heaven!

(Ephesians 1,3)


He gave you all this blessing so that you can give it to other people! God wants to make you a channel for His blessing!

(Genesis 12,2)