Three kind of believers

(2. Kings 2,1-15)

Here we meet three different kind and groups of Christians. We have…:


1.      Elijah – the old master of the prophets

2.      Elisha – the young prophet

3.      The prophet-disciples (Sons of the prophets)


These three groups is a good picture of different types/kinds of Christians that we find around us today. We find Christian believers who have been living a long life with the Lord, and we find those who are new-born believers. We have both those who have seen earlier revivals, and those who are going to bring revival to the future generations.


Let us therefore take a look at these verses, to see what it has to tell us today…





Elijah was the old master and teacher among the prophets. He was a man with a lot of experience, just like a father to them. But now he was old and full of days. He had laid behind himself a long life and a long service in the Kingdom of God. He had seen and experienced much, and therefore he was full of wisdom and spiritual weight. So he really was a father to his disciples.


We can learn a lot from this example of disciplehood. First of all it is important to stay close to such people as Elijah, just to listen and learn from their experience. We must learn to stay close to those who stay close to God – and live in close relationship with Him.

We need to learn from ”those who knows Him who is from the beginning…”

(1.     John 2,12-14)


Our nations need such spiritual fathers and mothers, who really have the right heart for the people. Spiritual father are such who have deeper knowledge to the character of God. They know Gods personality and heart. They have become united with Gods thoughts and heart!







The prophet disciples were living in a strong spiritual environment. They were used to strong miracles and spiritual events. They also had the prophetic gifts – all of them, so they knew that something special was about to happen. They all knew that Elijah was going to leave them, and that God would find an inharitant – who would receive the anointing to continue the work in the footsteps of the old prophet. They understood that this was the day that God would point out a new leader among them.


You see, the prophet disciples had all the knowledge that they needed to understand their calling, and from that – act in the right way. In fact, God could have pointed out anyone of them to be the chosen one. The anointing that Elijah had was now available to everyone of them! But we see that GOD IS LOOKING FOR WILLING HEARTS!!


Instead of saying to God: ”Lord, Here I am – use me…”, they were just sitting on the fence looking at everything – without doing anything. They knew what they should be doing, but they did nothing! And because of that they missed the anointing that God had…


We see the same story today. There are too many believers that just sit on their back without doing anything. They do not take part of the responsibility we all have in the Kingdom of God. They are ”spiritual spectators”. But we must understand that FAITH IS ACTION!!


Those who sit on their back in our churches, know exactly what should be done to improve the work in the church. And they tell everyone what they mean about the pastor, the leadership and the work in the church. So instead of doing anything about it, they just goon criticize the pastor, the evangelist, the leadership and everybody who are trying to do something for the Kingdom of God. You know, it is much more easy to become a ”spiritual spectator” than a ”spiritual worker”.


Therefore we see that this group of Christians (the prophet disciples) still remain the same. They do not prosper, they do not develop. Why? Because they have a WRONG ATTITUDE AND A WRONG MOTIVE in their hearts…





Let us turn to Elisja. It is much more exciting to study him than these prophet disciples.

Elisja was a young man without any experience. But he was very anxious to serve God.

Therefore he stayed close to the old prophet – to listen, watch and learn.

Elisja got known as ”he who washes the prophets feets”. He always wanted to be with Elijahin the prescence of God – learning to be a servant after Gods own heart. And you can say that the time Elisja spent with Elijah was the ”time of preparation” for this young prophet.


Elisja kept near to the old prophet because he had a heart for the people. He saw all the needs and suffering among the people in Israel. He was living in a society of:

-           sin

-           lust

-           idolatry

-           adultery

-           violence

-           powerty

-           confusion


But Elisja had a heart of love and compassion. He loved his own people and wanted to see them living in the freedom and peace that only God can give. He knew that the only thing that could save this people, WAS THE SPIRIT THAT WAS UPON THE OLD PROPHET!!

Therefore he wanted to have the same anointing – at any price! You see that Elisja had a heart that was beating for other people, and not only for himself. He had the right attitude and heart-motive. Therefore he really got the prophet anointing – IN DOBBLE DOSE!!


Elisja became Gods instrument to his own people in his own generation. He received the baton from earlier generations, and he was enduring in the ”race”…

(2.     Timothy 4,7-8)