Seedtime and harvest

”The labor of the rigteous leads to life, The wages of the wicked to sin.”
”The blessings of the Lord makes one rich, And he adds no sorrow with it.”

                                    (Proverbs 10, 16 and 22)


Gods blessing is a power that affects our whole existence. His blessings are lifting you up to a level that makes your whole life prosper! And He wants to bless every part of your life; Your spiritual understanding, your ministry, your marriage, your family, your health, your work etc.



One of the areas the Bible often speaks about, is your economy! This seems to be a problem-field to many people – including Christians. Proverbs actually has a lot of wisdom to give in this matter. Look at this verse 16. It says that the labour of the righteous leads to life, while the wages of the wicked leads to sin. And that is really the center of this matter! You see, if your HEART is right – your blessings and wealth will only bring forth good things. And we are going to see that GOD WANTS TO BLESS YOU EVEN FINANCIALLY!!





The Bible shows us that when a man with the right heart get blessed, HE WILL BECOME A BLESSING TO OTHERS!! Abraham was made a blessing (He is actually called the father of faith), and God also will make you a channel to His blessings.

(Genesis 12,2)


It is really a blessing when a righteous man get blessed! But unfortunately we see a lot of tragical examples that the wages of the wicked sinner really leads him to sin! Therefore the Bible says that ”The LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil…”

(1. Timothy 6,10)

Therefore we watch the materialistic society of the western world, and indeed it has embraced wealth, money and richness in a sick and greedy way. People have made the power of money becoming their idol! But the richness and wealth of this world will only stand for a certain time, and then it will be gone…


But when Godperforms His blessings – it will stand! But there is a supposition for God to bless you. He must find the RIGHT MOTIVE in your heart! He is seeking for men and women that have an unselfish HEART OF GIVING!!

(Proverbs 11,24-25)

The key to a life in happiness is hidden in these verses. The whole matter of blessing and prosperity is founded on this principle: ”He that scatters, yet increases more; And there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty.”


  You see, may people are living in the expectation that others shall do things for them, help them and meet their needs. Especially if you are poor, it is easy to start thinking like this.

BUT IT IS NOT THE RIGHT ATTITUDE! You will end up with a demanding-attitude that never makes you happy! You will very soon come into a bad circle of whimpering, complaining and avarice. You get the bad fruit of verse 24: ”And there is one who withholds

more than is right, but yet it leads to poverty.”


Gods principle is to give, to scatter, to bless and do good. And God himself has really showed us the greatest example of giving, when He gave His only Son to save and deliver humanity! And He also experienced the fruit of His giving! You see, He gave His Son, and received a great multitude of sons and daughters that one day will fill the heaven with praise and worship! The Bible actually talk about Jesus as ”The Seed”…

(Genesis 3,15)

Jesus describes himself as ”The grain of wheet”.

(John 12,24)


There is a heavenly description in blessing, giving and incentive. You are entering a river of blessing, like Jesus desribes in…

(Luke 6,38)


You see that God will give you back WITH THE SAME MEASURE that you use! So if you want to be blessed, enlarge your measure! Paul also speaks about the same principle of having a big heart of giving, and to use the right measure.

(2. Corinthians 9,6-8)





We know the natural laws about seedtime and harvest:

-          We sow

-          We plant the seed

-          We water the ground

-          The seed multiplies and spruit up from the ground

-          We harvest


In the natural way, we know that growth comes by following the natural laws. And the farmer knows that. He sow, plants and waters. But he can do nothing to make the growth come, but to follow the principles of the nature. The farmer knows that when he takes care of his part of the job, then it will come a growth and a harvest from what he has planted and sown.

(Mark 4,26-29)


It works exactly the same way in the Kingdom of God. You saw, plant and waters – but only God can make it grow!

(1.    Corinthians 3,6-7)

We can not make any growth. But we actually can follow the spiritual laws for sawing and reaping that is written in Gods Word. We do the same as the farmer.


There is a dimension of FAITH in this matter. In the same way as the farmer believes in a harvest from what he has sown, we also must LIVE IN FAITH! When we sow in:

-          prayer

-          preaching

-          working

-          giving to God and to other people

-          loving other people

…then we can expect a harvest!


It is also very important to have PATIENCE! The farmer does not see ant result the day after he started sowing. He does not see anything the next few weeks either! But suddenly, after a while, something begins to sprout.

In the same way it might take days, months and even many years until we reap what we have sown in the Kingdom of God. But we must keep on beeing patient and keep the faith!


To overcome your problems, become fruitful and to reach your potential, you must follow Gods law of seedtime, and you will harvest…

(Genesis 8,22)




3.      WHAT DO YOU SOW?

It is important to be careful in WHAT you sow. The Bible says that you are going to reap exactly what you have sown. So what do you sow?

(Galatians 6,7-9)

Do you sow from the spirit or from the flesh?


If you sow in the flesh, then you will reap destruction from it. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death – spiritual death!

(Romans 6,23)

Sin and fleshliness only lead to destruction and despair. The works of the flesh is an enemy to the will of God, and therefore no usefull seed to any believer!

(Galatians 5,19-21)


But the opposite is also true! If you SOW IN THE SPIRIT, by praying, worshiping, loving people, forgiving those who have hurt you, giving money to the church, feeding the poor,  preaching, working, telling people about Jesus, healing the sick etc. – then you will reap eternal fruits from your seed!

(Galatians 5,22-23)

Give to God first, generously, and of your best. Then you will experience harvest!



This is an absolutely guaranteed way to prosperity and growth in your life and your ministry for the Lord! God has promissed that if you take care of the seed, then you WILL reap what you have sown!

(Isaiah 32,20)