The Master and the clay

(Jeremiah 18,1-6)

We read that God one day spoke to the prophet Jeremiah. God said to him: “Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear My words.”

So Jeremiah went down to the potter, and he stand there watching the potter while he make different vessels of clay. Jeremiah can hear how the potter’s wheel is whirring. The potter has a pedal that he keeps tramping on – to make the wheel running.


Jeremiah must have seen this lot of times since he was a kid. But now he is standing there because God said that He will speak to him in this place. Jeremiah noticed that sometimes it happens that a vessel that was almost done finished, suddenly was marred in the hand of the potter. It fell apart as a destroyed vessel in the hand of the potter.


Then Jeremiah notices that the potter doesn’t throw away the broken vessel. He doesn’t cast away the destroyed clay as unserviceable. No, he takes the clay into his hands once again. And from the same clay the potter starts to form a new vessel!


While Jeremiah is watching this, then God starts speaking to him. It is a message from God to people and about people. It is a message to all people, all generations of all ages!

It is a message to you and me, and all people in the world today! God says: “…can I not do with you as this potter? Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand…”





God is the Creator. He is the maker of all things. And we are the results of His power to create. He has made us. We got born into this world. Our heart started to beat, and it is still beating. If it stops beating for only a couple of minutes, we will not live anymore. Our heart will continue beating as long as our Creator wants. We didn’t create ourselves. God created us. He is the One who gave us life and breath.


Therefore it is very important to understand that life is not something that we can have the disposal of just by ourselves. We are not supposed to be the rulers of our own lives, because God should be the ruler of our lives! Life is a gift from God, and He has a certain plan with every human being – a specific plan for every person!

The Bible tells us about this plan in John 3,16-17. God want every person on Earth to receive Jesus and become a Christian. This is God’s plan for everybody. Every single little baby who gets born into this world, is a vessel in the hand of God.


I also want you to notice one thing. God did not say to Jeremiah: “Go down to a stoneworker, to see how he carves in stone. You see, the Bible doesn’t use the word stone, but the word clay when it describes us. The Bible tells us that God created man from the earth and from the clay! You see, the life of a human being can be formed, it is soft and weak. It can be moved in many directions. It has abilities for the good and abilities for the evil. So when a little child gets born, it is lying in the hands of God, as a vessel. God’s plan is to do His work through this vessel.





We have not walked far in our life before a dark shadow appears. It is an enemy, a force that wants to destroy your life. This is Satan. The Bible calls him a thief, who comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy.

(John 10,10)


The terrible truth is that Satan has managed to destroy so many vessels during history.

Also today thousands of vessels are lying there, as unsuccessful and broken vessels. Their spiritual lives are broken, ruined and destroyed. They will never be restored unless Jesus enters their hearts to form the vessel once again from the beginning.


We could write dramatic books about the life of everybody who hears this message. There are enough materials to write big books about every single life in this world, if we look on it from Gods point of view – from an eternal perspective! We could write about how we all are vessels in the Masters hand. We could write about how we day by day get formed and grinded by God. But we could also write about how Satan tries to affect on our lives, to destroy our lives and guide us the wrong direction.


Maybe there are people here right now that been laying as a broken vessel for many years. Maybe one day Jesus will appear in the sky to rapture His bride, and you are still laying there with a broken heart and a broken life. Then you will never be restored and your life will never come into the great plan that God has for you!


The message I speak is about the biggest drama in life! It is personal. It is about your life. Are you going to let God form you as He want, or are you going to let the enemy make you an unserviceable vessel – broken and destroyed for eternity? The choice is yours!

You are a vessel that God want to have in His hands, to make it a vessel for honor – just as He wants to have it.

(2. Timothy 2, 20-21)





-         Maybe your life is broken?

-         Maybe your circumstances have strangled you?

-         Maybe you feel totally destroyed inside?

-         Maybe your feelings are broken?

-         Maybe you have a big burden of bitterness in your soul?

-         It can be solitude, fear and depression.

-         It can be sickness and faint-heartedness.

-         It can be that the power of sin has destroyed your life.

-         Maybe your life is not broken, but you still feel that it is about to happen?

-         Maybe you just feel that your life is going the wrong direction?


You know, life would have been easy if there only was goodness in this world. Life would be easy to live if there only was a God, but not an enemy – not a devil! It would have been wonderful to be a man if there only was light and no darkness.


But nobody can escape the fact that there is a God, but also a devil. There are good forces, but also evil forces. These forces are fighting against each-other. They are fighting for our lives. I don’t try to make Satan stronger and more dangerous than he is. God is much stronger than the devil, and the Bible tells us that Jesus conquered the devil when He was hanging on the cross for us. But if we don’t live our lives according to this Eternal Truth, we will still have problems with the devil, and we might even become victims of his destructive plans!

(1. Peter 5)


We are eternal beings! We are on the way to eternity. Therefore it is so important that we make the right choices in life. No matter what our feelings say, we must obey Gods calling on our lives. God only want to restore your life! He will never condemn you! He will never forsake you! He only has good thoughts about you and He wants to give you a wonderful future!

(Jeremiah 29,11-13)

So the choice is yours! Do you want His restoration? Do you want to become His vessel of honour?

(Luke 19,10)