The right picture

(2. Corinthians 3,18)

God wants to change us and transform us, so that we can “get the right picture” of the spiritual matters in His Kingdom. He wants to fill us with His own knowledge, so that we can look at the spiritual matters with “the eyes of God”.

You know, when we get to know God and His word, a process is starting in our mind and way of thinking. This process is called “The renewal of the mind”.

(Romans 12,2)


Gods Word is renewing our minds and changing our way of thinking. Therefore we must keep on reading the Bible to make Gods Word to become a part of ourselves. This will make it much more easy to to make the right descissions in life, and our thoughts and opinions will be more unified with the will of God.


There are especially four things that God really want us to know from His word, and that is:

  1. What the Bible teach about God
  2. What the Bible teach about Jesus
  3. What the Bible teach about The Holy Spirit
  4. What the Bible teach about us


Therefore we are going to have a look at these four matters, and study them from the word of God. We will try to get the right picture of God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and also a right picture of ourselves – all based on the Bible!








The very first sentence in the Bible says: “In the beginning God created Heaven and earth…

(Genesis 1,1)

In this first chapter of the Bible we meet God as the big maker and creator. “For He spoke , and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

(Psalm 33,9)


God made everything after His own will. All things made by God is for the good, and the world was created in perfect harmony. “Indeed it was very good…

(Genesis 1,31)

(Revelation 4,11)

(Isaiah 45,12)


But the fall of man distorted Gods creation, because man delivered the autority over the Earth to the devil. This made Satan “the god of this age.”

(2. Corinthians 4,4)

From the very beginning, the devil purpose has been to steel, to kill and to destroy. But Gods profession is to create life – and life abundantly.

(John 10,10)

God is still the creator – in the past, the present and the future! He is still creating and making new – just because this is Gods nature!


Every second God is making billions of new cells – in plants, animals and people. Every time we look at the sky and the nature, we are truly watching a big testimony of Gods greatness and omnipotence!

(Job 12,7-10)


And every time a woman get pregnant, it is a devine creating miracle that only god can performe!

(Job 31,15)

(Jeremiah 1,5)




(Malaki 2,10)

God is the Father of all men. Jesus teached His diciples that God is our true Father. He taught them to call upon God as a Father who is always there.

(Matthew 23,9)


To the jewish people, Gods name was something very holy – a name they could never mention or speak out. Therefore they called Him “The God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob”,

Or they just called Him “the Lord God”. Therefore it came as a big shock to them hearing Jesus speaking to God as “father”.

(Matthew 6,7-9)

(John 5,16-18)


God is a Father of love and mercy. He always meet His children with care and compassion.

David knew this, as he walked in a close father and son relationship with God. He speaks about God as a Father , just like Jesus did.

(Psalm 103,13)


God is “the Father of lights”, from whom every good and perfect gift comes.

(James 1,17)


In the parable of the lost son Jesus expalins very clearly that God is a father of love, care, compassion and justice. He has care for all His children, no matter how unsuccessful they feel they are. God does not love us because of what we say and do, no -  He loves us in spite of that!

(Luke 15,11-32)




(Psalm 7,9)

(Psalm 9,8-11)

God is judging with righteousness in every case and in every situation. Because of the fall of man and the power of sin, God sometimes has to do things that we may not understand.

But God does never punish us without giving us a chance to avoid the punishment. Sometimes He still have to make a judge when the meassure of sin is full. We must understand that Gods nature is righteousness, and He must practise His own righteousness.

The story about Sodom and Gomorrah is a very clear example to this.

(Genesis 18,16-19 and 29)


We see that God took big notice of Abrahams prayer. This means that through prayer we can “negotiate” with God on behalf of our people and their sins! The Bible calls this intercession for the people, and we see a lot of examples in the Bible that God really takes notice of  this kind of prayer!

(Exodus 32,1-14)

(2. Chronicles 7,14-15)


God is no cynical judge, who only want judge people straight to hell!

Hell (Gehennah) is made for Satan and his fallen angels. This horrible place is not meant for human beeings. But the righteousness of God claims a judge over sin. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death, and this means eternal perdition in hell.

(Romans 6,23)


What we need to understand is that God is the God of Love, who offers us an alternative to pain, agony and eternal death. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life!

(John 3,16-17)

God loves us so much that He sent His only son (the most prescious He had) to take the judgement and penalty that was meant for you and me!!

(Isaiah 53,5)


People that let the devil remain the master of their life will truly end in hell. The Bible gives us no doubt about that. But those who receives Gods love offering for salvation and reconsiliation through Jesus Christ, they get saved from wrath and do not come into judgement.

(John 5,24)

(Romans 5,8-10)


So God is no evil judge, but in His rightousness he has to draw the consequences of the choices we make. So the big point is: WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT JESUS?




1) GOD - indogerman, means “the one we call upon


2) THEOS - greek, means “spirit”. God is spirit. (John 4,24)


3) EL - hebrew, means “power” or “strenght”. God is often mentioned in the Bible as  the strong one


4) ELOHIM  - hebrew, means “The almighty God”.


5) EL SHADDAI  - hebrew, means “provider” and “the giver of life!" God is the almighty provider and giver of life!


6) YAHWEH / YEHOWAH - hebrew, means “I AM  (Exodus 3,13-15) The last part of the name “…hovah” also means “the one who reveals himself”. God wants to give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the Knowledge of Him. (Ephesians 1,17)


7) JEHOVAH RAPHA - hebrew, means “ I am the Lord who heals you." (Exodus 15,26)

Thank God that He is the Lord who heals both physical and p sychical sicknesses!!


8) JEHOVAH NISSI - hebrew, means “the Lord is my banner”. (Exodus 17,8-15) We see that our own strenght is not good enough in the spiritual warfare. But the Lord is our strengt, He is our banner! Yes He is our victory!! Therefore you are not a looser, you are a vinner! You are not a victim, but you are the victor! (Ephesians 6,10-13)


9) JEHOVAH SHALOM - hebrew, means “the Lord is peace”. (Judges 6,24) Man cannot produce real peace! And the peace we have is not from ourselves, but God is our deep and safe peace!


10) JEHOVAH RA’AH - hebrew, means “the Lord is my Shepherd”. (Psalm 23,1) The shepherd is garding, watching, leading and providing his sheeps. God is our merciful shepherd!


11) JEHOVAH TSIDKENU - hebrew, means “the Lord our righteousness”. (Jeremiah 23,6)
In the new covenant, Christ has become our righteousnes before God! (1. Corinthians 1,30)


12) JEHOVAH M’KADDESH   - hebrew, means “the Lord that sanctifies”. (Leviticus 20,7-8)
God wants to sanctify us, by making your personality m ore and more like his own personality. God is holy!

The most common name used by the people in Israel, was ADONAI, which simply means "the Lord".









(Mark 1,1)

The center of the gospel is that God loves us so much that He gave us His own son (the most prescious and beloving thing he ever had) to reconcile the world with Himself.

Jesus is not just one of Gods most powerful and prescious servants. He is the most prescious, mighty and powerful one, because He is Gods own son!

(John 3,16)

(Romans 8,32)

(Mathew 3,17)

(Matthew 27,54)


Jesus IS the Son of God, and has the power and authority from God that only Gods true Son can have – to save, forgive, heal, deliver, raise from the death and even to execute judgement!

As the Son of God, Jesus has the full authority from His Father.

(John 5, 19-30)


There are some “so-called” christians that claim Jesus to be just one of the angels. One example is the “adventists” and the “vitnesses of Jehovah”. They both say that Jesus is Michael – the archangel. But in Daniel 10 the angel Gabriel call Michael “Michael, one of the chief princes…”

(Daniel 10,10-14)

Jesus is not just one of the chief princes. HE IS THE PRINCE OF HEAVEN! He is nothing less than God the Son! Saying that Jesus is an angel (ex. Michael) is a doctrine from the devil himself!

(Hebrews 1,1-14)





(John 3,17)

God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world , but to offer all mankind salvation, reconciliation and peace with God. Jesus is the only true hope for this world – He is a gift from God to all people.

(Romans 6,23)

(Luke 2,10)

(Matthew 1,21)


God doesn’t want any human to get lost. No, He desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth!

(1. Timothy 2,3-6)


God doen’t make any difference. Every man has the same possibility to get saved through Jesus. He is the only way that leads to God and to everlasting life!

(John 14,6)

Everyone who confess Jesus Christ as his lord shall be saved!

(Romans 10,9-13)




(John 1,29)  (1. John 2,2)

God delivered us from the power of sin, and the price of deliverance was the blood of Jesus!

Jesus is the perfect sacrificial lamb, with no spot or mark, that God in His great love sacrified for our sake. This was the destiny of Jesus – decided in heavenly places before the creation of the world. Jesus came to die!

(1. Peter 1,18-25)


Jesus entered heaven itself and brought His own blood before the eyes of God. The lamb of God is an eternal propitiation for our sins.

(Hebrews 9,11-26)




We do all know that God the Father is from eternity to eternity. He has always exhisted as He is the maker of all things.

(Revelation 1,8)

(Revelation 21,5-7)


But also Jesus reveals himself as the alpha and the omega. He is the one who lives, was dead and is now alive forevermore!

(Revelation 1,12-18)

(Revelation 22,13-16)

The only reason why Jesus can reveal himself like this, is that He is in a perfect unity with His Father.

(John 10,24-30 and 36-38)


Jesus is God in the meaning that He is one with the Father. Jesus is given all authority in heaven and on earth.

(Matthew 28,18)


The Bible shows us several places that Jesus was with His Father from the morning of eternity. Here are some of those scriptures:

(Proverbs 8,22-36)

(Colossians 1,15-20)

(Philippians 2,6-11)


1)         JESUS            -  means “saviour”. Jesus is our saviour.


2)         CHRIST         -  (greek Kristos) means “the anointed one”.

-  the hebrew word for Christ is MESSIAH!!

                                       (Matthew 16,15-17)


3)         IMMANUEL-  hebrew, means “God with us”.

                                      (Isaiah 7,14)    (Matthew 28,20)


(Revelation 19,11-16)

When Jesus returns to earth as the knight sitting on His big white horse, it will be a revelation to every creation on earth who He really is!

Jesus is Faithful and True, because He is judging in righteousness. Jesus is going to reveal Himself in all His glory and all His splendour – as the one He really is: THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS!

(Zechariah 14,1-9)







(Genesis 1,2)

The Holy Spirit is mentioned from the very beginning of the Bible story. “The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”

In the same way that Jesus was with God beeing the Word God spoke when He created heaven and earth, The Holy Spirit was involved in the whole creation of the world. The Holy Spirit is The Spirit of Life. He is a maker of life and growth.

(Psalm 104,30)

(Romans 8,2)


In the time of the old covenant, The Holy Spirit revealed Himself through three different offices. He spoke, gave advices, guided, leaded, comforted and judged the people through them. These offices / ministries are: The Priest, The King and The Prophet.


1) The Priest  - (Exodus 28,40-41)


2) The King  - (1. Samuel 9,15-17)(1. Samuel 10,1) (1. Samuel 16,1-13)


3) The Prophet  - (1. Samuel 3,1-21) (Ezekiel 2,1-5)


In the time of the old covenant there was no personal anointing of The Holy Spirit upon every singel believer, like it is today – in the time of the new covenant.

So if you wanted to get a word or advice from God, you had to visit one of these tree ministers, asking them to give you a word from the Lord.

(1. Samuel 9,9)

(Amos 3,7)




      1)         Jesus was born of the Spirit.

(Luke 1,34-35)

(Matthew 1,20)


2)                 Jesus was filled of the Spirit.

(Luke 3,21-22)

                  (Luke 4,1)

This was the very start of the anointed ministry of Jesus. We can see that Jesus was
totally dependent on The Holy Spirit, as we are today. After Jesus got baptised in the river of Jordan, he started to do miracles among the people. The first miracle of Jeus happened in the big wedding in Kana in the Galilee. So Jesus did no supernatural sign, wonder or miracle before The Holy Spirit came upon Him in the river of Jordan.

            (John 2,11)


3)                 Jesus was led by the Spirit to preach, teach, heal and to do miracles.

(Luke 4,14 and 18-19)

(Acts 10,38)





·         Holy:         - greek “hagios”, means “separated” and “devoted”.        The Holy Spirit is  separated from sin and wrong.


·         Spirit:        - greek “pnevma”, means “breath” and “breeze” and “ghost”. It also means “with no limit of time and space”. God is everywhere at the same time, through the prescence of The Holy Spirit. (2. Chronicles 16,9)



·         The Spirit of Truth  (John 14,16-17) (John 15,26)

·         The Spirit of power, love and a soft mind  (2. Timothy 1,7)

·         The Spirit of wisdom and revelation  (Ephesians 1,17) (John 14,26) (John 16,13)

·         The Spirit of righteousness, peace and joy  (Romans 14,10)         

·         The Spirit of revival and growth  (Acts 9,31)

·         The Spirit of Love  (Romans 5,5) (Galatians 5,22)


The Holy Spirit has a sensitive natur. It is truly possible to grieve Him!

(Ephesians 4,30)

(Isaiah 63,10)




1)         To show the world what is right and wrong

            (John 16,8-9)

2)         To guide us into all truth

(John 16,13)

3)         To glorify Jesus

            (John 16,14)              

4)         To help the believers in prayer and intercession

(Romans 8,26-27)






John testified about Jesus, calling Him “He who baptizes with The Holy Spirit and fire”.

(Luke 3,15)

(John 1,29-33)


It is a difference between the salvation and the baptizm of The Holy Spirit. It may happen at the same time, but very often it doesn’t!

(Acts 2,1-4)

(Acts 8,14-17)

(Acts 10,44-48)

(Acts 11,15-17)

(Acts 19,1-8)


When Jesus talks about the salvation, he calls it a “fountain” of living water springing up into everlasting life! It is a source, a fountain of The Holy Spirit.

(John 4,10-14)


But when Jesus speaks about the outpouring and filling of the Holy Spirit, He calls it “rivers” of living water! This is the baptizm of The Holy Spirit. You get filled and baptized with the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that entered your heart at your day of salvation will now fill you with overflowing streams of living water!

(John 7,37-39)

Jesus teached His diciples a lot about The Holy Spirit. Also after His resurrection from the death, Jesus spoke to them about this. It seemed that it was very important to Jesus that the diciples would understand why The Holy Spirit would come.

(Acts 1,3-8)


Jesus told them to stay in Jerusalem until they received the baptizm of The Holy spirit. Then He said: “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you shall be my wtnesses… to the end of the earth.” This is the purpose of the coming of The Holy Spirit: TO RECEIVE POWER TO BECOME WITNESSES!!


We thank God for the speaking in tongues, the gift of prophecy, different gifts of the Spirit, signs and wonders. But we must never forget the main reason and purpose of the coming of The Holy Spirit: We should become bold and strong as efficient witnesses of Jesus, reaping souls for The Kingdom of God!!

(Acts 4,31 and 33)

(Acts 8,5-12)

(Acts 9,22)






(Genesis 1,26-28)

God created man, and He didn’t make an animal! We are made in Gods own image, which means we are almost like a copy of God. You could imagine God looking in a mirror, and out from the mirror comes Adam! We are the most prescious of Gods creature, made just a little lower than God.

(Psalm 8,4-9)


In the beginning God crowned man to become a ruler over the earth. Man should act like a king of all the earth. God crowned man with glory and honour, and told him to rule over all creation. We were supposed to fill the earth and have dominion over it. In this way the glory of God, that reflect through man, should fill the whole earth.

(Genesis 1,28-31)


When God had finished the creation of man – Adam, He stood there looking at His own creation.

And God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good! He made us to have fellowship with us, and to pour out His great love upon us! We are created to have fellowship with God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit – in a perfect harmony.

(2. Corinthians 13,14)


It is very important that you can see youself the way God see you. You are made in His image, as a noble creature made of Gods own finger!

(Job 31,15)

(Jeremiah 1,5)


The first humans, Adam and Eve, did not know fear, they did not know sin or evilness. They did not know any doubt or concern. They only knew the perfect love and safety they had in the prescence of God. The prescence of God was with them all the time, and they could speak to God face to face. And God want us to live the same way today – in His prescence!




(1. Thessalonians 5,23)

We know that God is one, but in the same way He is working in three different elements!

These are The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. You may compare it with the sun:

- the sun:                           a picture of The Father

- the light from the sun:       a picture of Jesus – the true light

- the warm from the sun:     a picture of The Holy Spirit


But we are also a person with three different parts/dimentions. These are the spirit, the soul and the body.



1)  The spirit of man (in greek “pnevma”)


God created a human spirit inside us, so that we should be able to communicate with God in the spiritual world. Our human spirit is the centre of our worship and communication with God.

(Ecclesiastes 12,6-7)

(Job 12,10)

The body is dead without the spirit!

(James 2,26)


God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth! We cannot communicate with God from our mind, soul or flesh – but only from the human spirit!

(John 4,19-24)

(Proverbs 20,27)

(Romans 8,16)



2)  The human soul (in greek “psychè”)

Our soul is the part of us that communicate in the mental world. God created us with a soul so that we could communicate with each-other through our mind, our will and our intellect. The Bible speaks about “the renewal of the mind”.

(Romans 12,2)

(Ephesians 4,23)


By “eating” the Word of God and letting it become a part of us, we get into a process that the Bible calls “the renewal of the mind”. God want us to learn how to think right, so that our minds can be dominated by the Word of God!

(Proverbs 4,20-23)


An unbeliever (person who are not saved) is living a life in the soul. This means that he acts from what he think, mean and feel. He are led by his circumstances and not by the spirit. The human soul cannot communicate in the spiritual world, but only operate in the mental world.

(2. Corinthians 2,14)

(Hebrews 4,12)



3)  The human body (in greek “soma”)

Our body is the part of us that communicate in the physical world. We communicate through our senses. With our senses we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. When you meeat another person, you can only see that persons body  - the outside man. But the body is not the real you! It is just a house that your spirit and soul lives in!

(2. Corinthians 4,16)

(2. Corinthians 5,1-8)

(2. Peter 1,13-14)

(Job 4,19)


Your body is your physical house while you walk down on earth. But in heaven your inner man will get a new house – a glorious body!

(1. Corinthians 15,42-53)


(Genesis 3)

1.         The Human Spirit died (lost its life in God)             - verse 3

2.         The Human Soul changed from safety to fear          - verse 6-10

3.         The Human body became perishable. Sickness, diseases and old age came into the world.

            (verse 16-19)




(2. Corinthians 5,17)

When a person confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the Bible calls it to get saved. You get “born again” into the Kingdom of God.

(John 3,3)


What actually happens is that The Holy Spirit is regenerating your spirit! You get a new man (a new human spirit) inside of you.

(John 3,6)

(1. Peter 1,3)

(2. Corinthians 4,16)


God took out your heart of stone (your unsaved spirit) and gave you a new heart of flesh (the new reborn spirit). When you got saved, God gave you a spiritual “heart-transplantation”!

(Ezekiel 36,26-27)

(Romans 2,29)


Because of the salvation we are back in the right connection with God! You could say that we are back in the position that Adam had before the fall of man. But what we have in Christ Jesus is even better than what Adam had! But we are standing in the prescense of God like sin never exhisted! Why? Because of the prescious blood of Jesus!

(Hebrews 10,16-22)


From having the nature of sin inside us, we now have Gods own nature inside our spirit!

(2. Peter 1,4)