You can hear God's voice!

(2. Timothy 3,16-17)

We know that God leads His children by His own Word. Therefore we must read the Bible, so that we can get to know God and His will. Gods will, His plans and His personal character are revealed to us through His Word – The Bible.

Gods Word is our map, which shows us the landscape that we are living and working in.


You see, our life as Christians is like an orienteering race, in which the runners must plot their own course by a map and a compass. So if The Bible is the map, then what is the compass? IT IS THE HOLY SPIRIT IN YOUR HEART!

(Romans 8,16)


When we got saved, Jesus moved into our heart by The Holy Spirit.

But He didn’t come only to give us strong meetings and good feelings! He came to have dominion and influence through us. He wants to use our thoughts, our words and our bodies to touch the World! Jesus gave us The Holy Spirit to live inside of us and to establish His Kingdom here on Earth! Therefore the Bible says: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”

(Romans 8,14)


How can we be led by the Spirit of God if we never recognize His voice?

How can we know what God wants to do in a certain situation if we don’t know how He speaks to us? Therefore it is very important that we know how God is communicating with His children, so that we can follow His instructions and do His will.

(John 10,27)




The Holy Spirit is speaking from your inner being in different ways. He is often speaking to you through spiritual intuition! This is what you experience when you suddenly get a terrible feeling inside of you when you are speaking with a person. You just “feel” that something is wrong… Another example can be that you are working with something, but suddenly you “feel” that you have to leave your work and just pray…


It is The Holy Spirit who bears witness through your own spirit. He wants to train you to become awake and sensitive in your spiritual life.

This inner witness often comes like a presage or an intuition. For example: You are out driving your car. Suddenly you just “feel” that you have to stop to look after one of your wheels. This feeling never let go until you abbey it and do what you feel on your inside.

Another example can be that you suddenly “feel” that you should call or visit a certain person. Maybe there is no logical reason why you should visit this person, but something inside of you tries to push you to do it. This feeling is your spiritual intuition.


I have met preachers who have experienced this intuition in a very special way. It could be that a preacher was asked to come to minister as a pastor in a big church. They sent him a letter and said that they really wanted him to come. They even promised him a good salary (money) because they had many rich members and a good economy in the church. In the natural world, everything spoke for this preacher to say yes to this “calling”.


But I know preachers who still said no! They just felt so strong in their heart that they should not move to this place and this church. They felt a hinder in their spirit, a “red light”. This feeling is the inner intuition. Even the Apostle Paul experienced this.

(Acts 16,6-7)





(Proverbs 20,27)

“The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, Searching all the inner depths of his heart.”

There is a “spiritual lamp” inside of you. The Hoy Spirit will be a lamp, for you to see the way you are walking on.


I want to give you a parable, to show you how this lamp I working. I like to call this inner lamp “The traffic light inside of you”.  (Explain the parable with the traffic lights).

  • Red light means that you have to stop. It means that you are about to drive in the wrong direction. God is not in this plan and you have to stop, to turn around driving another direction. You just “know” inside of you that it is not corresponding with Gods will. It is red light!
  • Yellow light means that you are standing still, but you also get prepared to drive. You feel that this is the will of God, but in the same time you also feel that you have to wait. God is behind it, but it is not the right time for it yet. You have to keep praying and prepare yourself until the right moment comes – the appointed time.                      

(Habakkuk 2,1-3)

  • Green light means that you are in the middle of Gods will. What you have planned to do is after Gods will and intentions. You are in the appointed time, so go ahead – do what you feel in your heart!

(Hebrews 5,14)

This speaks about our “Spiritual senses” – The “traffic light” inside of us.



We often think that when Then Holy Spirit comes over us in a meeting or in a certain situation, it has to be like an explosion! People often say: “If God speaks, He speaks so loud that I can hear.”


Sometimes we meet people who say: “God spoke to me!”  But often when we meet somebody saying this, we think: “How can this be? God never talk to me like this. Maybe I am spiritually deaf? Or maybe I am out of Gods will, for if I was walking in Gods will, I would have heard His voice like this person…”


Let me encourage you by telling you that The Holy Spirit wants to teach you and learn you! He wants to guide and instruct you in getting to know how you can be led by Him in your daily life! And it is not as difficult that you have to read a lot of books about it or to stay one year in a BibleSchool to learn it! The Spirit of God is the same all over the World, and He keeps leading us in the same way that He has been leading Christians during the whole history.


To be led by the Spirit of God, you need to follow the will of God. You must be obedient to His will. This means three things.

First of all, it means that you are following His Word. Gods will is in His Word. In His Word you meet Him and get to know Him. In His Word you understand His ways and His rules. From this it will be much easier to know His will! If something doesn’t correspond with His Word, then just forget it!


Secondly , I want you to say this to God: “Whatever you want me to do Lord, I am available to you! Help me to do your will and lead me by your Spirit!” Speak it out loud and tell Him. “Whatever you want… I AM AVAILABLE TO YOU!” That is the secret!

(Job 20,3)


Thirdly , you must understand that you can develop your spiritual senses by spending much time in prayer and worshipping. Through your prayers and the time you spend just to worship God, you will get to know His character and His personality. Your spirit will be more sensitive, so that you can “hear it” when God is speaking to you.


Even Jesus needed to spend a lot of time together with His Father. He needed to be alone with God in prayer and in worship.

(Luke 5, 15-16)



Because Jesus spent a lot of time alone together with His Father, He was always informed from Heaven. He always knew what to do, because of this time of quality that He spent alone with God! Therefore He could speak directly into certain situations and bring something from Heaven into the situation!

(Mark 2,8)


These three steps are the whole secret how you can learn to recognize His voice in you!