(Romans 1,16-17)
The gospel is the gospel of faith. It is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. We know that it is the faith that saves. We are Gods children because we have faith in the work that Jesus did for us; on the Cross and when he rose from the death.


But we learn to understand that faith is about much more than only the case of getting saved and born again. The Bible says that "the just shall live by faith ". We see that faith is a vital necessity for us to act like christians!


Many people have suffered from a wrong preaching about faith. This has given them a negative attitude to the word - faith. They may have heard that they don`t have enough faith, or to little faith, or that they aare sick just because of lack of faith. People seem to think that some christians are better christians than others, because they have more faith. This has leaded many good christians into condemnation, stress and confusion about the matter of faith.


It is very easy to get into condemnation if you get a wrong thinking and attitude to the word of faith. Therefore it is so important that we have a wholesome and positiv teaching about what the Bible says about faith...





God is the God of faith. He is the one who created faith. The first chapter of the Bible shows us how God introduce himself as The God of Faith. He spoke words of faith, and created the whole world by the words He spoke!

(Genesis 1)

"For He spoke , and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast."

(Psalm 33,9)


We must understand that because God is the God of Faith, He also surround himself with faith. This is the reason why God expect faith from those who walk with Him.

(Hebrews 11,6)

This is all because fait is Gods own nature!




We were looking on the expression "The just shall live by his faith". This expression stands several places in the Bible. It tells us that faith is a lifestyle! There is only one way of living a fruitfull and prospering christian life, and that is by faith.

<font size="4"> (Romans 1,17) (Galatians 3,11) (Hebrews 10,38) (Habakkuk 2,4)


We will see that everything that the Bible speaks about, has to do with faith. Because all things in the Kingdom of God works by faith. Faith is the "key" that locks up for you anything that you need to live as a good christian. Faith is involved in everything we receives from God.


  1) We get SAVED by faith. (Ephesians 2,8) (Romans 10,8-10)  

  2) We get BAPTISED IN THE HOLY GHOST by faith. (Galatians 3,5)

  3) We get HEALED by faith. (Acts 3,16) (Acts 14,7-10)

  4) We receive PRAYER ANSWERS by faith. (Mark 11,24) (1. John 5,14-15)

  5) We get VICTORY by faith. (1. John 5,4)

  6) We PLEASE GOD by faith. (Hebrews 11,6)

  7) We get BLESSED byb faith. (Galatians 3,6-14)

  8) We are KEPT by faith. (1. Peter 1,5)

  9) The GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT works by faith. (Romans 12,6)

10) We WALK by faith. (2. Corinthians 5,7)


It is faith that sets the limit for what God can do in your life!

a) "As you have believed, so let it be done for you" (Matthew 8,13)

b) "All things are possible to him who believes" (Mark 9,23)

c) "If you would believe you would see the glory of God" (John 11,40)

d) " proportion to our faith..." (Romans 12,6)

e) "Whatever is not from faith is sin" (Romans 14,23)


So you can move only in the area of faith. Faith sets the limit for your moving and acts as a christian. More faith gives you more freedom of movement. And lack of faith gives you less of freedom of movement. Therefore it is so important to have an "ever increasing faith".

(2. Thessalonians 1,3)




The Bible speaks about faith as something you can measure. The faith is not constant, but it is a gift from God that may increase or decrease. It all depend on what we do with it. The Bible says that God has given every believer a measure of faith.

(Romans 12,3)


The word "measure" is a very interesting and describing word. It tells us that we have received an appointed quantity of faith. But it also tells us that it is possible to increase this measure of faith.


Let us have a look on the different ranks of faith that is mentioned in the Bible:

a) No faith (Mark 4,40)

b) Little faith   (Matthew 14,31)

c) Weak faith (Romans 4,19)

d) Big faith (Matthew 8,10)

e) Strong faith (Romans 4,20)

f) Full of faith (Acts 6,5)

g) Perfect faith (James 2,22)


Many people have objections when we speak about having big or little faith. But the Bible gives us a recipe that will help us to understand this, so that we may avoid to have a strained attitude to this subject.


First we have to understand that FAITH IS NO PERFORMANCE! We must never put any prestige to faith. We should never act with haughtiness and arrogance to people who don`t have the same measure of faith as we have. The Bible teach us to take care of those who are weak in the faith,without condemning them or act as a judge over their thoughts.

(Romans 14,1)


Secondly we must understand that it was JESUS HIMSELF who spoke about having little or big faith! Jesus regretted that the diciples had to little faith. So this is not something that some preachers have hitted on. This means that if you speak negative about preachers who preach about having big or little faith, then you speak negative about Jesus!





a) Faith is full certainty .

(Hebrews 11,1)

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

The faith does not say "maybe" or "I don`t know". FAITH KNOWS!! You just know that you know that you know that you know thas is is so!! The faith gives security to the hope, so that it becomes concrete and palpable.


· Faith  (greek: "pistis") = The substantive faith, which means a strong conviction and certainty.


· To believe  (greek: "pistevo") = to be convinced, to have faith, confidence.

    This word (verb) means to believe, in the meaning of beeing      totally convinced about the case. 



Faith is not the same as the words "suppose" or "assume". Let us take an example. If you are planning a holiday together with some friends, and one of them ask you if it will be good weather on the holiday. You may answer that you "guess" or "think" or "suppose" it will be nice weather. But this is absolutely not the same as the fundamental faith that the Bible speaks about! It is not full assurance, but just something you guess. You may have heard the news on TV or radio, where the reporter said that the weather will be good the next week. But this weather-report is no foundation for devine faith. There is no room for doubt or uncertainty in the faith.


It is also very important to see the difference between devine faith and human faith. Every human beeing have the opportunity to believe that the chair will hold you when you sit on it, that the price tag is right when you are buing things or that the bridge will hold when you drive your car over it. You may call these things faith, but it is not devine faith!


Faith is convicted long before it can see or feel something. Faith is an evidence inside of you for things you can not see. When the faith catches something invisible, this devine faith will transform the invinsible thing to become a visuable physical reality.

This is the way God created the whole world!


b) Heartfaith – not mindfaith.


Devine faith comes from the heart, not the mind and understanding. It does not lay in your head.

With the HEART we believe unto righteousness.

(Romans 10,10)


(Matthew 17,14-20)

Here in Matthew 17 a man brings his demon-possessed son to Jesus. You see that the diciples had tried to cast out the demon, but they failed. Why?

They tried with their own human effort, and that never works!


Jesus says that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. A little seed of Gods faith is much bigger and avails more than all human faith in the whole world! In this story, the diciples tried to cast out the demon by ”mindfaith”. But if they had followed their heart, they would have managed it without any effort at all…


Even today many people try to believe with their mind (head). But the ”mindfaith” is based on the soul, and can not be used in the spiritual world.

(1.    Corinthians 2,14)

The Word of God must mix together with our hearts (not heads). And this happens only by faith.

(Hebrews 4,2)

The faith moves from the mind to the heart when we meditate on Gods Word.  

(Psalm 1,1-3)

(Joshua 1,8)

This is the major point where many christians fall off in their faithwalk…


Our minds way of thinking is like a poison, who often try to strangle the faith. We have ways of thinking that rather would act and do things that is based on outside circumstances, instead of having the focus on Gods Word and His promises. These thoughts say: ”Yes I know that the Word says so and so….  But it doesn`t work for me…”


Let us now compare to persons in the Bible, to see what kind of faith they had. And we start with Thomas – the diciple of Jesus.

(John 20,24-29)

Why was it so difficult to believe that Jesus was alive?

Think about it. Thomas had seen how the nails was knocked into Jesus hands and feets. He had seen how they pierced Jesus with a spear. He had seen the crown of thorns. Thomas had really watched Jesus die there on calvary!! And all the natural senses raised up against the message he heard from the diciples. Thomas used his  mindknowledge (based on the senses) instead of the devine heartfaith.


Let us now take a look at Abraham.

(Romans 4,17-21)

Thomas had a faith who was related to the senses – what he could see, hear or feel. This faith says: ”I can`t believe before I can see it or feel it…”

But Abraham believed Gods Word, and he did not give any notice to his own mind and understanding. But what did Abraham trust in, since it was not his feeling or knowledge?



Let us add up the marks of the kind of faith that Abraham had:

-The faith is based on Gods Word

-The faith catches the invinsible, and makes it visual.

-The faith is totally convinced that Gods promises are true, and

   therefore hold on to them.

-The faith receives the wishing results.


To many christians have a ”Thomas-faith”, while they should have an ”Abraham-faith”.

You see – it is easier to put your trust in your own knowledge, experience and feelings, than it is to trust in God and His words. But this natural ”Thomas-faith” only leads to defeat and resignation. No, we must learn from Abraham. He did not doubt in Gods promises, but he was strengtened in faith!!





(1.    Corinthians 13,13)

Paul did not write this to make us think that faith and hope is less important than love! No, all these three elements are basic foundations in christian life, and they work together! Each of them have its own function, but THEY CAN`T REPLACE EACH OTHER! We can not put love instead of hope, or love instead of faith. Neither can we put faith instead of love, or instead of faith. Therefore we must learn to see the difference between hope and faith.


a)      Hope (greek ”elpis”)


 The hope looks forward for a redemption. It is always something that lays in the future. Hope is future tense. You hope and put your trust in something that is supposed to happen in the future.

(Matthew 12,21)

(Romans 4,18)

(Romans 8,24-25)

Hope has to do with expectation. It has a goal, something to reach for in the future.


Devine hope must not be mistaked for to wish something. Wishing is not the same that it is to have devine hope. Hope is much stronger than a wish, because the hope is based on a strong expectation. And that expectation is based on a promise from God.


b) Faith (greek: ”pistèvo”)


The faith says: ”It is mine, and I have it NOW!”

This is a conviction that you own something, without seeing it or experience it.

Jesus says that we shall believe that we have it, and then we will receive it.

(Matthew 11,24 - Norwegian translation of1978)

We can see this very clearly in connection with praying.

(1.John 5,14-15)

We receive it when we PRAY, and not when it appears physically.


Someone say:  ”I believe that I`m going to get healed one day…”. But this is not faith, it is hope.

Faith says: ”I will act on Gods word and I receive my miracle RIGHT NOW”.


You see, if you need healing for some sickness in your body, you don`t want it sometime in the future if you know you can have it now. You want to get healed as soon as possible – especially if you have pain!

If you seek the baptism in the Holy Ghost, then you want it now – not in 5 years! And if you need to get saved, you can not push it ahead somewhere in the future.

(Isiah 55,6)

For many people such a hesitation has made it to late to get saved!! You never know about tomorrow…

It is the same with hope. It has to grow into devine FAITH!


Faith makes the hope becoming a concrete certainty. All faith starts with hope, so I am not trying to underesteminate the meaning of hope. But it is still true that it is only when the hope is transformed into faith that miracles can take place!!






In the same way that there are physical laws for energy, work, weight etc., you also will find that there are ”spiritual laws” in the Kingdom of God. One of them is ”The law of faith”.

(Romans 3,27)


- Question: What is a law?</font>

-Answer: Something that ALWAYS works when the   

  CONDITIONS are there.


We have other spiritual laws, like f.ex:

-          The law of the Spirit of life (Romans 8,2)

-          The law about sawing and reaping (2. Corinthians 9,6)          (Galatians 6,7-8)


So what conditions do the law of faith have? What is the secret to make it work?

1)      Believe with your heart, without any doubt.

2)      Speak / confess with your mouth what you believe in your heart.

(Romans 10,9-10) (2. Corinthians 4,13)


Learn from what Jesus did to the fig tree…

(Mark 11,12-14 and 20-24)

”…and does not doubt in his HEART, but believes that those things he SAYS will be done…”


We can illustrate this with an example…

Let us say that you are going to build a little house, and you need some materials for the job. So what do you do then? Well, of course you follow this description:

-          You call and order the materials.

-          You spesifies what kind of materials and how much you need of it.

-          You doesn`t doubt that you get EXACTLY what you ordered (right article and right quantity).

-          You BELIEVE that you get what you ordered.

-          You receive the materials.


It works the same way in the Kingdom of God. Miracles and wonders will take place in your life when you start to follow this simple description:

1)      YOU SAY IT!





It is very important to let our faith speak! When our mouth speaks what we believe in our hearts, the faith will be released. The Word of God speaks, and it happens…

(Psalm 33,9)

The faith speaks about things who does not physically exhist, as it was already there!

(Romans 4,17)

To believe that we already HAVE what we ask for is that we speak about it like it is there already, as a physical reality.


You must confess the promisses in Gods Word. Let us take the example about healing. There is a lot of promisses that we need to know about. But miracles only happens when we began to believe them and CONFESS them as Gods word TO YOU PERSONALLY!!

-          By His stripes I am healed (Isiah 53,5)

-          He forgives all my iniquities and heals all my diseases           (Psalm 103,3)

-          He will keep sickness away from me (Exodus 23,25-26)

-          God is the Lord my Healer (Exodus 15,26)

-          All Gods promisses belongs to me in Christ Jesus

           (2. Corinthians 1,20) (Romans 8,32)


You can say: ”I am healed by His stripes” even though your body is full of sickness and pain. You don`t have to deny your pains, but you still believe – and CONFESS – your healing!


In our languages (english and norwegian) we only have one  expression for ”Gods Word”, and that is ”Gods Word”. But in the greek basic-text we find two different words, Logos and Rhema. And we are going to see that they do not have the same meaning!


a)       Logos.

Logos stand for the whole of Gods written word, which means all that is written in the Bible! You may use this term Logos on all the words that is ever spoken by God! Logos is the general word from God. Therefore we can define it as ”Gods word in indefinite tense”.


b)     Rhema.

Rhema means ”Gods word speaking directly to you in your situation”. This is a DEFINITE word, spoken by God, in a DEFINITE situation, to you as a DEFINITE person!! So a rhema-word is ”Gods word in definite tense”.


While Logos speaks generally about Gods will to save and to heal, rhema is a direct speak to you that God want to save and to heal YOU! Rhema is a personal revelation (rhema) that is based on Gods Word (Logos). So you see that Gods Word has to become a personal revelation to you. It must become yours!!


Let us take a look at a scripture that shows us this very clearly…

(Matthew 14,22-33)

When Peter walks on water here, he really walks on safety and solid ground – like walking on a mountain!

Why? Because Peter was walking on a rhemaword directly from Jesus – he got an invitation to come towards him on the sea. The word ”come” in verse 29 is a rhemaword! So Peter really had nothing to fear. The rhemaword from Jesus was the key that living faith was revealed in Peters heart.


In the same way as Peter did, you need to:

-  see that Jesus is not far away

-  see that Jesus is ABOVE any problem that comes your way

-  hear the voice of Jesus in the middle of the storm


What exactly did Jesus want to show the diciples through this happening?

This act from Jesus said: ”The things that you fear is under my feets…”  You know, fear is often a hindrance to the faith. Therefore we must do like Peter did first, when he HAD HIS EYES FOCUSED ON JESUS!! If we do that, we will not sink in our problems, but we will rise and walk over them!!



By faith we transform and bring things that we hope into the real physical world. We might say that faith is a ”bridge” between the invinsible, spiritual world and the visual, physsical world.

(Hebrews 11,3)

Here we can see that the faith gives understanding – devine

understanding. ”By faith we understand…”

This is real revelation, to be filled with the SPIRIT OF


(2.    Corinthians 4,13)

The spirit of faith is an invinsible power, that works inside of

you to release the maximum of Gods life and power. The spirit

of faith is the whole motive power in everything we do as



Faith is the EVIDENCE that you HAVE what you have asked

for, even though you can`t see it yet. Because faith operates in

the invinsible. We walk by faith and not by sight.

(3.Corinthians 5,7) 

Look at the things who are not seen…

(2.Corinthians 4,18)





Well, this  was a lot of knowledge about faith, but HOW do we

get this faith? How do we make it grow stronger in our lifes?

Let us look at it…


1)      You HAVE faith.

Faith is a supernatural gift that you received on the day you got


(Ephesians 2,8)

Therefore every christian has a measure of faith, little or big.

(Romans 12,3)


You know, christians are called ”believers” in the Bible. A

believer is someone who believes, if not you could not call him

a believer! Did you get that?

(Galathians 3,23-25)

Some christians say: ”I don`t have any faith!” But the Bible tells

us that every christian HAS faith. So instead of looking at

youself as someone who has to little faith, you should start to

use the measure of faith that you have!! Then it will grow

stronger and bigger inside of you…



2)      Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

Faith comes by hearing. Your faith will grow when you HEAR 

the Word of God beeing preached!

(Romans 10,17)


It is not enough to only read the Word, but your ears must

HEAR it beeing preached. So you got to listen to preaching and

teaching from the word, and you must also hear yourself say it

in your own confessions.


When you read Gods Word and hear the preaching of the

Word, then the Word will sprout in you and produce faith. And

this happens automatic – by it self! You do not have to achieve

anything by your self. Only make sure that you get food from

the Word every day, and your faith will grow by it self.

(Mark 4,26-32)


If you want to have a strong and good faith, it is very important

that you listen to the RIGHT preaching. Because wrong

preaching/bad preaching will break down your faith instead of

making it stronger. You know, faith  comes by hearing, and if

you hear a negative preaching – you will get a negative faith

(fear, doubt, unbelief, condemnation etc.).

&lt;;span style="FONT: 7pt 'Times New Roman'">


The way you listen is also very important. HOW do you listen?

Do you listen with an open heart and open mind? We must let

the Word sink down in ”good ground” – and that means to

receive the Word with an open heart and open mind.

(Mark 4,14-20)


3)      Relationship with the Lord makes your faith grow.

Always remember to spend much time together with the Lord in

worshipping and prayer. Faith has to do with devine

relationship. If you are going to have faith in a person, then you

need to know the character, personality and quality of that



The Bible says that the spiritual ”mothers and fathers” knows

”Him that is from the beginning…”

(1.    John 2,12-14)

To know ”Him that is from the beginning” describes a closer

and deeper understanding of Gods own character, personality

and quality than to ”know the Father” – which means to be a

christian. Everyone that is saved, have a source to deep

relationship with God. But we need to live in this relationship,

and to develope it.






The only way to make faith work is to act on it. The Bible talks

about ”faithacts”.

(James 2,14-26)

Faith that acts is called PERFECT FAITH! Do you want your

faith to become perfect? Ok, then you must ACT on Gods

Word! Faith withouth works is dead faith. Devine faith

therefore reveals through active works!

The whole chapter 11 in Hebrews speaks about living faith taht

works and acts on Gods Word.

(Hebrews 11)


Do you remember the story about the paralytic who was lifted

down from the roof?

(Mark 2,3-12)

Jesus saw THEIR faith (verse 5). The faith was visuel through

active work!


Now I want to challenge you, my dear friend! BE A DOER OF


(James 1,23-25)