Divine Healing

(John 8,31-32)

Jesus says it is only the truth that set us free. Therefore it is very important that you KNOW the truth. The truth will not set you free if you don’t know it. You see, the world is full of books with any kind of knowledge, but they cannot help you the slightest bit if you don’t read them!


It is exactly the same way with The Word of God. It is the truth, and we got to read it and know it so it can set us free!

(John 17,17)


Also when it comes to the subject of divine healing, we must have our foundation in the Word of God. We cannot know what is right or wrong about divine healing, unless we know what the bible says about it. Let us therefore enter the Bible with an open mind and open heart – to see what the truth is about divine healing…





(Genesis 1)


The Bible is a book full of miracles. God is the God of miracles. From the very beginning of the creation read about how God can perform impossible things! Nothing is impossible to God. God is able!!

(Jeremiah 32,27)


It is really fantastic marvelous thinking about how God created the whole world with only some sentences! The whole life is a great wonder – a miracle made by God. Think about how God could look down at the empty oceans and say: ”Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures…” And during history people have written millions of books about the life in the sea, and people study and get their masters degree only by researching a little area of all life that exhist in the oceans!


But God also looked at the heaven and said: “Let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.” Then He blessed the fishes and birds and said “Be fruitfull and multiply.” And people all around the world study the different kind of birds. It was really a big supernatural miracle when God created earth. He spoke and it happened!

(Psalm 33,9)


Finally He created man, as the crown of all the creation! Think about how fantastic we are made! The creation of man is a great wonder!

(Genesis 2,7)


When we think about all this, we understand that God is really great and mighty enough to heal people from every kind of sickness or disease!! Or is it easier to fullfill the creation of the earth in 6 days, than it is to heal us from our sicknesses and pains?

He who made us, can also repair us! We know that every car-factory can fix and repair their own products, so should it be more difficult to God repairing His product? GOD IS ABLE TO HEAL ANYTHING!!

(Mark 10,27)






(Colossians 1,9-10)

God wants to fill us with knowledge about His will in every issue. You see, it is not enough for us to know that God can  heal. Your faith cannot operate on this unless you know if God  wants to heal! Faith is total certainty, it is the evidence of the things you don’t see.

(Hebrews 11,1)


The Bible also says: “…if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”

(1. John 5,14-15)

We must know if God want to heal sickness today, and we must know if He wants to heal the sickness that we are facing. Then we can have the certainty of faith!

The Word of God tells us that when we pray and ask God (f.ex. about healing) we must pray and ask in faith, with no doubting! If you doubt, you should not suppose that you will receive anything from God!

(James 1,6-8)


“Without faith it is impossible to please God, for He who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those diligently seek Him!”

(Hebrews 11,6)


Therefore you must know the answers of the following questions:

-           Is it Gods will to heal you?

-           Is it Gods will to heal every sick person?

-           Does God only want to heal som chosen ones?

-           Or doesn’t God want to heal anybody at all?


The Bible speaks a lot about how important it is to learn to understand what the will of God is. We shall let us be transformed by the renewing of the mind, so that we can prove what the will of God is I really think this includes knowing what is Gods will concerning divine healing!

(Romans 12,2)





When god revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush, He also revealed His name.

In Gods name we find Gods nature and personality.

(Exodus 3,1-15)


Notice what god says in verse 14. Gods name is “I AM ” (in hebrew: JHWH – JeHoWaH).

God is the same yesteday, today and forever. His name and personality is forever the same.

God IS, and He will never change.


In this context it is very interesting to see that God also says He is our DOCTOR!

(Exodus 15,26)

“For I am the Lord who heals you” or also “I am the Lord your Healer”. (in greek “ Jehovah Rapha ”).

- Jehovah         Gods name = I am the Lord!

- Rapha            Second name = Your healer!

God reveals His name, and that means His personality and nature! He is a doctor and a healer of our sickness, diseases and pains!!


God revealed Himself this way to the people of Israel , because He wanted them to know His nature as a good doctor. He is the eternal doctor of our spirit, soul and body!

Have you ever heard about one doctor who doesn’t want to cure the sick?   Is there any doctor with all the knowledge and ability, who say no to a sick person? No, every normal doctor is doing his best to make the patient well again. And God is the most clever and merciful doctor that exhist. If there is any doctor who really cares about sick people it is God our Father!!


But what about the Egyptians? We read that God brought diseases on the Egyptians – what about that?

Yes, we read that God brought diseases on the Egyptians, but they were against God and His people Israel . Therefore God had to punish them in that situation! But that never means God use to punish His people with sickness and diseases!


Gods name also describes Gods nature. God reveals His will for His people here, AND HIS WILL HAS NEVER CHANGED!! Do you think God is less interested in us, His own Church who is bought by the blood of Jesus, than He was interested in Israel ? No, never!! If His will for Israel was that they should live a healthy life, it is also His will for us today!


(Nehemiah 9,21)

Since God showed such godness, love, grace and mercy on the children of Israel in the wilderness, then what about us? We are living in the NEW COVENANT – which is established on BETTER promisses!

(Hebrews 8,6-7)


God want us to understand that He always work FOR us, and not against us! He is our doctor!

His profession is spiritual, mental and physical healing!

(Psalm 103,2-6)

- Spiritual healing:       who forgives all your inquities… ” (sins)

- Mental healing:         satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed…

- Physical healing:       who heals all your diceases.


We see the same promises in the New Testament. Paul describes Gods care for the spirit, the soul and the body.

(1. Thessalonians 5,23-24)


We have even stronger examples from the Bible that god is a merciful doctor and healer. He does more than to heal. He wants to keep sickness away from us!

(Exodus 23,25-26)

(Deuteronomy 7,15)





Maybe you say these scriptures is not enough to convince you? All these verses are in the Old Testament, so how can we use promises that God gave to the people of Israel ?


Let us look at some verses from the New Testament, which tell us that all the promises of God belong to us IN JESUS CHRIST!!

(2. Corinthians 1,19-20)

(Romans 8,32)

(2. Peter 1,3-4)

(Ephesians 1,3)

(Hebrews 8,6)





God is a good Father who loves His children. He gave us the right to become His children.

(John 1,12)


How is a good father’s relationship to his children?

How are your best wishes for your children?

The old apostle John describes Gods fatherlove in such a perfect way.

(3. John verse 2)

Isn’t this what all good parents want for their children? Or do you know any parents who want their own children to be sick and have pains? Do you want your children to be hurt, have sickness and pain? NO, NO, NO!!!


Still there are some Christians who think that God sometimes want to punish His children with sickness, so that we don’t get proud and arrogant! They think that Gods meaning with sickness and diseases is to test our faith and keep us humble!

Others say that sickness is a blessing from God, who teaches us the way of suffering – so that we can understand the Passion of Christ!


But what does Jesus say about this? How does Jesus describe His Fathers heart?

(Matthew 7,7-11)

Jesus says: “ If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! ” (verse 9)

Hasn’t God created us with motherlove and fatherlove in our hearts, so that we always do the best to our children? How can God be different from that if He made us this way?


(James 1,17)

Only GOOD gifts come from God! Another translation says that “ there is no change between light and darkness in Him… ” God is not both good and evil. He is just good! And don’t come around saying that sickness is a good thing! Why does the doctor-science fight against it, if it is good? And why did Jesus heal the sick, if sickness is something good that comes from God?

(Isaiah 5,20)

God’s thoughts for us are only good thoughts, not of evil!

(Jeremiah 29,11)

If sickness isn’t evil, then what is evil?




Jesus told us something great about Gods Fatherheart and will for His children, when He teached to pray like this:

Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come. YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…

(Matthew 6,9-10)


We were supposed to pray that Gods will must be done on earth as it is in heaven. This must mean that Gods will doesn’t happen down here!! Let’s ask ourselves some questions:

-           Is there any suffering in Heaven?

-           Is there any war and violence in Heaven?

-           Is there any sickness and pain in Heaven?

-           Are people lonely and full of fear in Heaven?

-           Is there any children who get killed by bombs in Heaven?


The answers are NO, NO, NO! So then none if these things can be consistent with the will of God! Since the will of God rules in Heaven, and we should pray that it should be likewise on earth, it has to mean that NO SICKNESS, NO DISEASE AND NO PAIN IS THE WILL OF GOD!! It is NOT good in the eyes of God that people are sick and suffer with fear and pain. God is a GOOD God!


We must understand that it is the devil who rules this cold, greedy and violent world! It is the will of the devil that rules down here – not the will of God. Satan is “the god of this age” .

(2. Corinthians 4,4)

(Ephesians 2,1-3)



God is seeking for a people who BELIEVE and PRAY, and by that release Gods will down on earth! We need to understand that faith and prayer releases the will of God!!

(2. Chronicles 6,28-30)

(2. Chronicles 7,14)






“No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him.”

(John 1,18)


By watching the life and ministry of Jesus, we can make a good picture of how God is and who He is. This will also help us to understand the way God look at sickness and healing.

Jesus lived His life down here in total surrender and dedication to His Father.

(John 6,38)


Jesus did only things that The Father showed Him. This means that EVERY GOOD DEED THAT JESUS DID WAS A TOTAL DECLARATION OF GODS WILL!!!

(John 5,19-20)


The whole Trinity were united in the ministry of Jesus.

(Acts 10,38)

Here we see very clearly the will of God. The reason why Jesus healed all the people was that God was with Him! God had annointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit.


Wherever Jesus came along, the same thing happened: HE HEALED ALL SICKNESS AMONG THE PEOPLE!! This happened everywhere Jesus went: in the cities, in the villages, on the dusty roads and around the see of Galilee

(Mark 6,56)


These words are not just aming towards one singel happening in the ministry of Jesus. No, this is a general description of the ministry of Jesus!!   THIS WAS THE “TRADE MARK” OF JESUS – AND IT STILL REMAIN THE TRADE MARK OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD TODAY!!!


Notice that EVERYONE who touched Him got healed! It was no kind of selection.

Jesus did never say: “I may heal him, but I will not heal you”. He never walked through the multitudes to select only the ones who were “enough holy” to get healed! No, the power of healing was free for everyone!


Right after Jesus got baptized by John (the baptist) in the river of Jordan , He proclaim why He has come. By this He declares the purpose of His coming and His ministry.

(Luke 4,18-19)

-           Blessing

-           Healing

-           Deliverance

-           Forgiveness


Jesus also describes His calling and ministry very clearly to the diciples of John the Baptist.

(Luke 7,18-23)

-           The blind see

-           The lame walk

-           The lepers are cleansed

-           The deaf hear

-           The dead are raised

-           The gospel is beeing preached among the poor

Notice that Jesus was right in His working by healing the sick while He spoke these words. So the disciples of John could both see and hear…


Jesus says something very seriously in verse 23: “… and blessed is these who is not offended because of me.


How can you love a person while you at the same time despice his way of acting and what he stands for? It is written more than 40 scriptures in the New Testament that Jesus healed EVERYONE who were sick or possesed by evil spirits!!


(Matthew 8,1-3)

Here we see a leper man coming to Jesus to get healed. This man knew that Jesus could heal, so the question was if Jesus wanted to heal him. The answer from Jesus should cast away every little doubt: “ I am willing: be cleansed!


(Romans 2,11)

(Ephesians 6,9)





Let us first take a look at the way Jesus spoke about sickness:

(Luke 13,10-16)

Jesus spoke about sickness as an infirmity – a boundage from Satan. Notice that Jesus said this boundage was from SATAN – and not from God!


Satan is a thief, who comes to steal, kill and destroy – but Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly!! Can you see the big contrast?

(John 10,10)

Therefore, never let the devil steal your life or your health from you!!


The Bible also describes the situation of being sick as to be “oppressed by the devil”.

(Acts 10,38)

So the truth is that Satan is the one who lays sickness on people, while God is the one who heals and set people free!

Some people, even Christians, try to make the opposite picture of what we read in this verse. They say that God is laying sickness on us to correct us and make us humble. But when God heal people and performe miracles today, they get sceptical and say that also the devil can performe miracles. Well, they make God the one who oppress us, and the devil as the one who heals!! THAT IS TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THIS SCRIPTURE SAYS!!

So what do you want to believe: The Bible or some sceptical theologians? The choice is yours…


Well, let us now have a look at the way Jesus speak about healing:

(Matthew 15,26)

Jesus calls healing “the children’s bread”.

Well, if Israel as the Jewish people are the children of God, then what are we as His own church and bride? We are Gods children as much as Israel are Gods children! So if this verse belongs to Israel , IT BELONGS TO US AS WELL!!!

(Galatians 3,6-10, 13-14 and 26-29)

This means that we are inheritors to Gods promises in the Bible – which are the children’s bread…


(Matthew 12,1-15)

“…Therefore it is lawfull to do good on the Sabbath.”

Jesus speaks about healing as “to do good”. It was totally out of the question to let this man remain in his sickness – even though it was on the Sabbath!! Jesus is not one of those who hesitate and wait till the next day.


(Luke 6,6-10)

Jesus spoke about healing the sick as “to do good” and to neglect to heal as “to do evil”. He speak about healing as “to save life”, while He calls the opposite act “to destroy life”. CAN YOU FIND IT MORE CLEARLY SPOKEN FROM JESUS OWN MOUTH??


So if God is the One who makes people sick, while Jesus walked around healing people, then  

The Kingdom of God is divided against itself! And how can a kingdom divided against it self remain standing?

(Luke 11,17-20)


(Mark 7,37)

Everyone who saw Jesus “in action” spoke about His deeds as GOOD deeds!! Should it be different today? Isn’t healing still a good deed?




“He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked…”

(1. John 2,6)

We must live the same way as Jesus lived here on earth, doing the same things as He did. We know that healing was one of the most important part of His ministry. If we read the four gospels, we see that there were two things that Jesus did more than all other things: He taught and HE HEALED THE SICK!!!

We must do the same if we say we abide in Him!


(John 14,12)

Jesus commands His disciples to do the same deeds as He did. I mean, that is really strong!! This includes preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, teaching in the church, praying, worshipping, helping the poor etc.


Some Christians have some big ideas what these “greater works” are. I think we should first start doing the same works as Jesus did, because they are really strong and great enough!!

We are called to heal the sick – in Jesus name!

(Acts 3,1-9)


Healing the sick is a part of The Great Commission. We shall lay hands on the sick, and they will recover!

(Mark 16,15-18)

Isn’t this strong enough evidence that God wants to heal every sickness?

If it was so that god only wanted to heal some of the sickness, we could not take the chance of praying for the sick at all. What if we prayed for some of those that God didn’t want to heal?... If we really think about this, we find out how stupid such thoughts are…





Let us have a look at some models of the reconciliation from The Old Testament.

(2 Chronicles 30,15-20)

God healed the people because they had sacrificed the Passover Lamb. This is a picture of the reconciliation. We know that Jesus is OUR Passover Lamb, who was slain for our sake!!

(John 1,29)

(1. Corinthians 5,7)


We also have another picture of the reconciliation from the Old Testament.

(Numbers 21,6-9)

God healed everyone who “were looking at” the Bronze Serpent. This is a spiritual model and a picture of the reconciliation. Today, when we use or faith to “look to” Jesus, we will be healed!! The Bronze Serpent typified His body raised upon the Cross. Our healing, both spiritual and physical, comes from looking to Jesus and identifying with Him crucified!!

  (John 3,14-15)


Well, maybe you will say that these verses from the Bible speak about salvation and eternal life, and do not speak about divine healing?

Yes that is true enough, but then you don’t know what salvation and eternal life really IS!!!

If we look on the translation of the greek word “soteria” which the word salvation is translated from, we will get a new revelation about what true salvation is:

- Salvation (greek: Soteria) means to save life, rescue from death and danger, save from the power of sin and death, save from sickness and deceases, to be kept in a position of being totally whole, healthy and with no suffering…



B: ISAIAH 53!!

What must our focus be on when we look on Jesus to be healed? Oh, it is so simple – but also so strong: WE MUST SEE AND KNOW THAT OUR SICKNESSES AND DECEASES ARE LYING ON JESUS WHERE HE IS HANGING ON THE CROSS!!!

Let us therefore enter the most important chapter in the whole Bible to get revelation about divine healing…

(Isaiah 53,4-5)


Jesus took both our sins and our sicknesses upon Himself. BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED!!! This is what sick people need to see…

(1. Peter 2,24)


Let me ask you a question: If Jesus really bore your sicknesses and deceases on the Cross, why should YOU bear them also? I mean, if I paid one of your bills, you would not have to pay the same bill – would you? That would be stupid of you…

In the same way it is unnecessary heavy for you to bear a sickness that Jesus already bore for you!! You must see that Jesus has taken away your sickness. Jesus did not only die for you to get saved and have eternal life. HE ALSO DIED FOR YOU TO BE HEALTHY AND WELL, WITHOUT ANY SICKNESS OR DECEASE IN YOUR BODY!!!

Christians need to really see this, so that they can receive their healing and take back all what the devil has stolen from them! The people of Israel could “see” their sicknesses lying on the Bronze Snake. In the same way we get healed while we SEE our sicknesses lying upon Jesus.

Through the Bronze Snake they were given both forgiveness for their sins and healing for their body.

We have got the same through Jesus – it is all included in the reconciliation!!!


(Matthew 8,16-17)

There are some Christians that believe Isaiah 53 only speak about “spiritual healing”. But from this scripture we see very clearly that Jesus bore our PHYSICALLY sicknesses, so that we could be PHYSICALLY healed by His stripes!! We know that Jesus was healing people from PHYSICAL sicknesses here, and He is yesterday, today and forever the same…


(Mark 2,9)

“Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, Your sins are forgiven you, or to say, Arise, take up your bed and walk?”

-     ANSWER: It is the same thing!! Both things are included in the same packet from heaven – THE RECONCILIATION!!




Jesus suffered in our place when He took our sins and sicknesses. He took all things that we are suffering with, just to give us all the good things that He has!! ON THE CROSS THERE WAS A BIG EXCHANGE!!! We were full of:

-           sin

-           sickness

-           sorrow

-           fear

-           condemnation

-           misery


(2. Corinthians 1,20)


This means that all the promises you could possibly find in the whole Bible – according to divine healing – they are all yours!!

(Romans 8,32)


The Old Testament is full of strong promises about divine healing. But all this are just models of something greater and stronger – THE NEW COVENANT!!

WE ARE LIVING IN THE FULLFILLNESS OF ALL THESE PROMISSES!! If the Old Covenant was rich on promises, then the New Covenant is even richer!!! And this means that we also find greater promises about divine healing today than in the Old Testament!!!   Jesus is the Mediator of a BETTER COVENANT, which was established on BETTER PROMISSES!!

(Hebrews 8,6)




This is the message from the Bible to you who are suffering with sicknesses and deceases:

“God can heal and He is also willing to heal. He wants to heal YOU from YOUR sickness! In fact, He has already healed you through the Cross of Christ. You ARE already healed, almost 2000 years ago. Jesus healed you while He was hanging on the Cross – on Calvary ! Therefore it is all about becoming what you already are in Christ – a healed person, living in divine health”

(Mark 11,24)


If I told you that you have inherited one million dollar from a rich person, but you didn’t believe it and you didn’t go and get the money, you would still be the rightful inheritor to the money. The money would be yours, and nobody else could claim them. But you would never get use of them if not you could believe and act on your belief…


So you must believe that Jesus truly took all your sickness, so that you can just reach out and receive your healing…