(Romans 10,10)

With the mouth we confess unto salvation. When we open our mouth and speak out what we believe in our heart, then the miracle of salvation takes place! It is our CONFESSION that gives us relationship with God.

(1.    John 2,23)


So we cannot walk around trying to be ”secret Christians”. Your faith in Jesus must be confested to other people! The whole matter of salvation lies in the CONFESSION of your belief.

(Matthew 10,32)


In this matter we are very clear, but we may often forget that confession has a larger meaning. Because your whole life and walking as a Christian is directed and controlled by your words. YOUR CONFESSION DIRECTS YOUR LIFE!!



(Proverbs 18,21)

Your tongue has power over death and life! You have never imagined that, have you?

Now even the science have found out that people may come into poverty, sickness, fear and other suffering by walking around speaking negative words!


This means that if you f.ex. during years hear people say that you look thin and sick, and that you maybe have some kind of sickness you don`t know about – then this negative faith and confession may cause that you finally get that sickness!! These negative words that you hear again and again, will make a ”faith” in this negative matter. Finally this negative faith will perform a ”negative miracle” – that you really get sick!

(Proverbs 6,2)


You must be careful that you never let your words bring you in trouble that you can`t escape from. You should rather use your mouth to speak positive, so that God can begin to work on your confession…

(Hebrews 4,14-15)


(Romans 10,17)

Faith comes by hearing. In Norwegian it says ”Faith comes from the message you hear…”. In other words, faith comes from hearing a CONFESSION!

If you confess the Word of God, the positive thing, then you will get a positive harvest from your confession. But if you hear the wrong things, and start to believe and confess them – you will have a bad harvest!


Many Christians today are suffering with certain kind of problems. They are really bounded in many areas of their lives. They might be oppressed by sin, condemnation, sickness, fear and poverty. They don`t experience a victorious life, BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE AND CONFESS THE WRONG THINGS!! Their words capture them!

(Proverbs 6,2)


Words of faith and joy will give you victory, while words of fear and doubt will destroy you!

(Proverbs 17,22)

Therefore you must learn to always speak positive words – from your heart. Speak out the blessings and promises in Gods Word! Then your words will make you stand against the wiles of the enemy.

(Revelation 12,11)

(1.    Peter 5,8-9)



-          But what kind of fruit do you want?

-          Do you want to overcome the world, or do you want to be trampled under foot by men?

(Matthew 5,13)

If the salt loses its flavor… –  IF THE CHURCH LOSES ITS CONFESSION…




(Job 22,28-29)

”When you go down; you shall say ”UP”…” (Norwegian translation)

The Bible gives us many examples how words can turn a situation uppside/down.

Let us look at some of these examples…:


1)       Job.

Job was in a very hard situation here. This was the hardest test he ever had in life. So hard that it is an extraordinary example from the Bible! He had a time with only accidents, pain and misery coming every day.

But it is very important that we read the WHOLE book of Job! You see, this test took less than a year. (And we must know that all this misery came from the devil, and this is not the heart of God…).

(Job 1,6-12)

After this one year, he got more blessed than ever before! He got paid back THE DOUBLE OF what the devil had stolen from him! AND AFTER THAT HE WAS LIVING IN THIS GREAT BLESSING FOR THE NEXT 140 YEARS!!

(Job 42)

But what was the changing point? He REPENTED FROM WRONG SPEAKING and then he started to pray for his friends. He started to say the right WORDS (in prayer for his friends) instead of confessing all the bad things.

It is important to know what comes from the devil and what comes from God…

(John 10,10)


2)       Abraham.

(Romans 4,18-22)

The circumstances were real bad in Abrahams situation! He was promised to be father to a great nation. But many years went to pass, and both he and his wife Sarah got older and without ability to have a child. And he had no son to become his heir.


But the Bible tells us that never doubted in what God had said, but HE WAS STRENGTHENED IN FAITH, GIVING GLORY TO GOD!!

When the circumstances turned down, he confessed the promises of God, and said: ”UP!”.


3)       Jona.

(Jona 1 and 2)

Jona had been disobedient to the Lord and to his mission. God had given him the mission to go to Ninive and preach the Word of the Lord to the inhabitants there. But Jona did not want to do what God said, and now he was escaping from the Lord. He found a ship and got on board there. But after a while, a heavy storm comes, and Jona ends up in the wages of the sea. And then a big fish comes and swallow him!


You may really call this a trip down!

But there in the belly of the fish, something happens with Jona. He repents from his disobedience, and call upon the Lord! HE BEGINS TO SAY UP!

Look at this; He was still sitting in the belly of the fish when he said: ”…yet You have brought up my life from the pit, O Lord, my God.”

(Jona 2,5-7)



Listen, my dear friend! When you are in a situation where everything look dark and all the circumstances are very bad. Then, when you sit there ”in the belly of the fish”, you can do like Jona did. You can confess the Word of God and the promises in the Bible! Because words of faith gives you victory!


4)       Paul and Silas.

(Acts 16,20-34)

Paul and Silas were putted in prison for their preaching and ministry.

There they were putted into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks. (The inner prison is the place where the rats live). The circumstances went down!

But instead of complaining and blaming God, they were praying and singing hymns to the Lord!

(verse 25)

THIS IS THE SAME AS SAYING UP WHEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES WENT DOWN! They turned their focus on God and not on the circumstances. And believe me, this is the main secret… Their faith, confession and attitude turned the whole situation upside/down, and it all ended up with revival, salvation and baptism!


PRAISE GOD UNDER EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE! You don`t praise BECAUSE OF the circumstances, but IN SPITE OF them!


5)       The lost son.

(Luke 15,11-24)

This son had left his home and his family, to experience the fruit of this world. But this travel went to a real tragedy for this young man, and he finally ended up among the pigs, with such a hunger that he would gladly eat the same food as this pigs!

But there, among the pigs, something happened to him. A voice inside of him began to say ”up”! So he turned around and went back home to his father. And that became his best day in life – a day of joy and salvation!