A fervent believer

(Acts 7, 30-32)

Moses went around in the wilderness for 40 years. He walked around feeling that he knew every grain of sand there in the wilderness. He had seen a lot of wild rose bushes during these years, but he had never paid attention to any of them. But now he suddenly saw a wild rose bush that was burning!


What did Moses do when he saw that burning bush? Did he just pass by thinking: “Well, that was just another bush in the wilderness…” Did he do that? No! He got very attentive and interested. So he went closer to the burning bush, to see what it was.


And what happened when he went close to the burning bush? He suddenly heard from God! He got a message from God in heaven!





God want you to be like this burning wild rose bush! He want you to be “on fire” for Him. Then you will be attractive to other people! They will come near to you, to find out who you are and what you have got in your life! Why? Because fire is very attractive to people!


You know, there were enough of dry bushes out there in the wilderness. These dry bushes were not attractive at all. But the burning bush was very attractive! Therefore God want you to become a “burning Christian”!


Also today there are more than enough of dry bushes. In spiritual meaning, these are Christians who don’t live a spirit-filled life. They don’t have spiritual power and life. They are just like dry bushes.

But when you have a fire and a passion in your life, it will draw people near to you. And what will happen to the people who draw near to you. They will meet heaven that lives inside of you, and they will hear from God!


Therefore it is very important that you are a burning Christian. Then you will win souls for Jesus! You will be able to bring a touch from God to people!

-           If you meet people who are bounded by sin, you can bring salvation and deliverance to them!

-           If you meet people who have a broken heart, you can bring love and restoration to them!

-           If you meet people who are full of fear, you can bring peace and grace into their lives!

-           If you meet people who are sick, you can bring healing into their lives!





If you are like a “burning bush”, you will soon light fire around you! The fire inside of you will touch people around you and set them on fire! Fire is very contagious! And God surely want you to light fire around you. Then there will not only be one burning bush here and there. No, it will soon be a big forest on fire for God!



It will really have a big affection to the circumstances when there is not only one burning bush, but a whole forest. I am talking about a whole church standing up to be on fire for Jesus!


I remember some years ago I was watching the news on Television back in Norway. There was a big forest fire! It was a large area that was burning! Multitudes of threes were on fire! It was a lot of people who went to that area, to see the fire and to try to help the rescue team. Also many journalists and people from the media came to watch what was happening. Suddenly people became very curious and attentive!


Think about it. This forest had been there for hundreds of years, but never had as many visitors and spectators during all these years that it was on this single day! Do you see the spiritual parallel? One burning bush is pretty interesting and attractive, but what about a whole forest on fire? This means a whole church and a whole people that have made up their minds to follow Jesus boldly and to be on fire for Him!


You know, people have seen enough of dry forests. When you have seen some forests, it is not so interesting anymore. Everybody look the same. It is boring!

Let me tell you, it is also boring with dry Christianity without power and supernatural life! People have had enough of dry meetings, where the churches just have their meetings without expecting anything supernatural to happen! In many churches, the members just sing their songs, pray their prayers, and preach their messages – but nobody expects anything supernatural to happen! Nobody gets saved, nobody gets healed and nobody gets baptized in the Holy Spirit etc.

-           Where is the power?

-           Where is the fire?

-           Where is the supernatural life in The Holy Spirit?


(Exodus 3, 1-5)

There is one more thing that we need to notice about this burning wild rose bush. It didn’t get destroyed by the fire! It was not burning down!


What does it mean to us – spiritually? You shall never get empty! There is a source inside of you that never shall get empty! The more you are burning for Jesus and give your life to His plans, the more He will fill you with His power and His wisdom. He is going to fill you with a great fire inside, and it will never burn down!


It doesn’t have to be like that God often have to light new burning bushes, just because the old ones have burned out. God will always light new burning bushes, but He still wants the old ones to burn as much as the new ones!





A burning bush will stop burning if the fire doesn’t get oxygen. Even how big the fire is, it must have oxygen to keep on burning! In spiritual meaning, it tells us that we must get “spiritual oxygen” into our lives every day, so that we can keep on burning for Jesus!


But what is our spiritual oxygen?

  1. The Word of God ! We must read the Bible and know the Word of God. When it comes down to our hearts, it makes us strong and sets us on fire!

(Luke 24, 32)

  1. An active prayerlife ! We must pray much! A preacher once said that prayer is the breath of a Christian. This is really true! Prayer gives us “spiritual oxygen” and makes us sensitive in our spirit. It makes it much easier for us to receive Gods fire when He touches our lives.


So make sure that your spiritual life is getting all the “oxygen” that it needs to be a spiritual life on fire for Jesus!





(Acts 18, 24-28)

Apollos was a strong servant for Jesus. The Bible mentions him as a Bible-teacher (but he became one of the apostles that traveled together with Paul). In this Bible section, we read about 4 qualities that he Apollos had in his life:

  1. He was eloquent. This means he had gifts and talents to speak and convince.
  2. He was mighty in the Scriptures. He knew Gods Word and had a lot of wisdom and knowledge.
  3. He had been instructed in the way of the Lord. This means that he was educated by the apostles, and trained for the ministry.
  4. But he was also FERVENT IN SPIRIT!


Let me tell you something. The first 3 qualities would have been little useful, if Apollos didn’t have the 4th quality! The 4th one was the most important one! He loved Jesus and was fervent in spirit!


You know, there are many believers who are eloquent, and know how to speak. Many Christians have a lot of knowledge in Gods Word. There are also many Christians who are educated in Bible-schools and theological schools. But this is not good enough if you are not fervent in spirit also!

(2. Timothy 3, 5)


But Apollos: “…greatly helped those who had believed through grace…”. How could he become such a help for them? Because of the 4th quality! He came there with a fervent spirit!


Lukewarmness is the same as indifference. Such attitude can’t stand before God! Therefore you must become a fanatic for Jesus! And you must become a spiritual pyromaniac! Keep the fire burning inside of you, and light the fire everywhere you go… Be fervent in the spirit and serve the Lord!

(Romans 12, 11)